Vitamix Blenders: The Best Kitchen Help

Vitamix is a name associated with high end kitchen appliances. Its blender range is no exception. As of now, Vitamix Blender range includes Vitamix Turboblend VS, Vitamix 5200, Vitamix 500, Vitamix 6300, vitamix 7500, Vitamix Professional 300 and Vitamix Professional 750 series. This review will inform you about the various features, benefits and cons of the Vitamix Blender so that you know more about the product before buying it.

Product Description For Vitamix Blender

Weight of these blenders is around 13 pounds because of which the appliance is free from vibrations even when it is used for heavy duty jobs. Height of Vitamix Blender varies anywhere between 17 inches to 21.5 inches, depending upon the model that is selected. Most of the Vitamix Blenders come with 10 manual controls for speed variation facilitating different textures of grinding or blending with different ingredients.

There is pulse option as well in most of the models. There are three different sized wet jars to choose from for Vitamix Blender. These are made from co-polyester transparent plastic containers that are BPA free. This material is light as well as tough. Sizes of these jars vary from 32 oz to 64 oz. Aside from these wet jars there is dry jar option, as well. The size of this jar is 32 oz. These blenders come with removable blades, which can be replaced if they become dull. The lids of these blender jars grip the jars.

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Features of Vitamix Blender

The Professional 7 series includes pre-programmed controls for making smoothies, soup, purees, desert, and smoothie. Its motor runs with just two horse powers. There is protection against overheating in Vitamix Blenders, but there is no protection against blades getting jammed, or overloading in these blenders.

There is a chute at the center, which can be removed for adding any ingredient. Vitamix Blender also has a unique lip on the lid to ensure that the content does not overflow. In addition to these, a tamper, which is patented, forms part of this blender. This allows the user to stir the content from chute, even as blender continues. This blender makes homogenous juices, and smoothies, without leaving any coarse and not ground stuff behind. This blender is so sophisticated that it can also be used as a food processor.

Therefore, it is possible to chop vegetables in it. However, the quantity of chopping this blender is capable of being limited. Wet jars of the blender can be used for wet grinding, and the dry jar is perfect for dry grinding. This blender is capable of making flours, apart from the batter with soaked grains. These blenders can also be used to mix other batters, and dressings. They can be used to make creamy ice creams and deserts at home, which function may entail grinding ice and frozen fruits.

Cleaning vitamix blenders, especially its jars is not a difficult proposition because all that needs to be done is pouring a few drops of cleaning liquid and a little bit of water, and then running it till the container becomes clean. The jars are not dishwasher safe. Blades of this blender are rather sharp. Therefore, if any extra cleaning is necessary, it may have to be done manually. The warranty accompanying this blender is for full use, and it is for 7 years. People can purchase additional warranties as needed, by paying extra charges.

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Main benefits of Vitamix Blender would be the manual and preprogrammed controls. This gives users a chance to decide how much of blending or grinding is needed. Another advantage is the tamper which ensures better quality blending and grinding. People have the choice to select jars. Such jars are made from plastic that is free from BPA. The lid of the jars sits firmly because of the unique grip and lip. Effectively, nothing is spilled, even if the blender is slightly overloaded.

The quality of blending possible with this blender is excellent. The machine is able to grind and blend the entire fruit or vegetable. In contrast, traditional blenders fail to grind and blend some parts of vegetables and fruits. This blender does not vibrate, and it has an in-built cooling system. The warranty available on this blender is for its motor. This warranty is for much longer period than the warranty on most blenders in the market. Vitamix Blender can also be used as milling machine, juicer, chopping machine, wet grinding machine, and dry grinding machine. Completely, it is capable
of performing most of the functions that a food processor does.

Amongst the cons of this Blender is its size. The machine is heavy as well as tall. Therefore, it requires a permanent place on the kitchen counter tables. A new Vitamix Blender may cost anything above $380, and making it somewhat expensive for most people. There are refurbished ones, which are also expensive. The jars of this blender cannot be washed in any conventional dishwasher.

Since Vitamix Blender  can function as a food processor, it dispenses with the need of having a separate food processor and a smaller blender for a while. It may be noted that this blender cannot knead or mince, which means purchasing a food processor cannot be avoided. These products are perfect for people who entertain more frequently, or have large families.

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