Make Great Refreshment with Vitamix CIA Professional Series Food Processor

One of the reasons Vitamix CIA Professional Series blenders are worth purchasing is that these are approved by Culinary Institute of America. The culinary institute also uses these food processors for training prospective gourmet chefs. It would seem strange at first that a reputed institute such as CIA should have partnered with Vitamix for creating a food processor that has manual controls. But the end results speak volumes about the efficacy of this appliance.

Unique Features of Vitamix CIA Professional Series

Like all the other food processors, Vitamix CIA  blender can also perform various food processing functions such as chopping, churning, grinding, blending, whipping, etc. The only difference is that this food processor does these chores better than the rest. Basically,  CIA Professional Series blender is for commercial grade food processor, but it can also be used at home regularly, as well. It comes to your rescue when you have to prepare meals and beverages for a larger group of persons, be it family or otherwise.
External Features
This is a heavy duty machine, it is slightly heavy, i.e., 10 lbs and 9 oz. Dimensions of the appliance, however, are ideal for any kitchen because it is a vertical machine. Its height is about 20.5 inches, including the container and its vented lid. Its width is about 7.25 inches and depth is just 8.75 inches. Vitamix CIA Professional series has a few accessories such as the dry grinding jar, which can be bought separately and does not form part of the main food processor, which costs around $500 as of the date.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender review
BPA Free Plastic Container
These processors come with a 64 ounce co-polyester plastic container made from Eastman Tritan’s patented technology. This plastic does not have any BPA content. A vented lid that prevents any spills is one of the safety features of this food processor. The handle of its container deserves a special mention because it is ergonomically perfect.
Laser Cut Blades
Blades of Vitamix CIA Professional Series blenders are made from stainless that is laser cut. This is the reason they not only contribute to complete food processing, but are also long lasting.  In fact, Vitamix CIA Professional Series food processors may also be the most durable food processors around as of the date. A tamper is also provided along with this food processor for making food stuff like peanut butter. It comes with a  very good collar. This stops the blades from hitting the tool.
Powerful Motor
Each Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender has a 2 horsepower ball bearing motor with low friction at its base that can turn its blades at the rate of 240 MPH. At this speed, the food being processed inside starts moving up on the container’s sides, but cannot sustain that height, forcing it to fall back at the center again. This vortex is what helps in getting that perfect consistency each time with this processor. Rest assured that with this processor none of those fruits, vegetables, and other hard to grind foods will be able to find a place for hiding anywhere in that processing chamber. Professional Series is perhaps the only food processor that can grind and blend everything perfectly and consistently, thanks to its 10 manual speed control levels. These control switches, however, are made from rubber that is a soft touch variety. Since there is no pre-programmed cycle feature in this food processor, it is easier to alter the consistency as required instead of settling for what the food processor can give you.
Thermal Protection System
Of course, the machine can get hot because of the heavy duty it is capable of, but is provided with a radial fan for cooling it. In addition, it has a thermal protection mechanism also.

vitamix cia professional series
Self Cleaning Mechanism
The trouble in cleaning any food processor is often the reason for people avoiding these appliances. But Vitamix CIA Professional Series has self cleaning procedure incorporated in it. All you need to do is put some dish washing liquid in the container, and add a little warm water, filling about half of the container. Now, turn the motor on for a minute on high speed. The machine cleans itself without you having to do anything. You could also wash this container in your dishwasher.

The pros of Vitamix CIA Professional Series food processors are of course its durability, sturdiness, 7 years warranty, functionality, and overall performance of the machine. In fact, you could choose to vary consistencies as needed for the recipe and make it perfect each time. The container and its lid are truly able to prevent any spillage, unlike the tall claims of many other food processors.
In cons list of this food processor, the cost factor ranks the highest. Not many would feel comfortable spending $500 for the appliance, and add other accessories such as dry grinder container, effectively bringing up the cost of the machine. Moreover, the weight and height of the appliance force people to find a permanent position for the appliance on the kitchen table top.
Most of the modern food processors have a touch pad switches, so manual controls do look outdated. Not everybody is a professional chef so pre-programmed cycles would be a desirable feature for many people, and it is not there in this machine.
Bottom Line
Given such features and capabilities of Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender, it does seem to be out of reach of most people, but it is a worthwhile purchase for those who entertain frequently, or have large families.

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