Weber Electric Barbecue Grills Review

One look at the Weber electric Grills will give you the indomitable urge to own it! It is the accurate balance of elegant exterior and high quality performance. The quality of grilled steaks that you get from the Weber Q-240 resembles those from exotic restaurants. Compact, functional and extremely sleek to look at, it has all that a city dweller would love to own.

Product Description of Weber Grills

Weber electric Grills are portable grill, and among them the Q-240 is the latest and most evolved device. Weighing a little more than 25 pounds you can take it around the house and set it in the balcony, courtyard or even the kitchen counter to cook healthy meals. Weber electric Grills has a sturdy construction made of aluminum that is easy to maintain. The lid has a heat retention liner, and the glass retention nylon frame adds to its efficiency. The exterior finish is in titanium color with a cast-aluminum finish. Not only is the grilling efficiency unquestionable with the Weber electric Grills but also they are maintained with little effort.

The specifications of Electric Weber Grills

1) Portable grill running on 1560-watt heating element.
2) 280 square-inch of cooking area.
3) Drip pan removable, cooking grate made from porcelain coating, heat retention aluminum liner in the grill.
4) Weber electric Grills has 6-feet grounded cord.
5) Weight is  around 25.2 pounds and dimensions are 27×25.1×26 inches.
6) And it usually comes  comes with 5 years of the limited warranty.

weber electric bbq grills review

Features of Weber BBQ Electric Grills

City life has its own challenges as people have very little time, and they are often restricted from using charcoal or wood grills at rented apartments. There is also very little luxury of space to involve big appliances at home. But that does not mean that they will not be able to enjoy homemade tasty grilled food. The Weber electric Grills are here to deliver that quality of grilled effects to the meat that one can get with wood or charcoal smokers.
It is a compact appliance that takes very little space while storing it, and you may plug Weber electric Grills in your balcony or outdoor or even carry it to camping trips. In particular aspects, the Weber Q-240 is better because it gives the perfect grill marks on your meat that you see only in the restaurants. Initiated only last year it has gathered its own fan following and is more capacious than the older model, Q-140. With improvements, the Weber electric Grills have now evolved to create temperatures close to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and recover the heat as soon as drop the lid.
The Weber electric Grills are very popular because of their simple design added to efficient heating ability. It is a powerful device that can heat your meat even if it requires low volt power. Because of the sealing ability it can hold the heat and give sear marks on the food that you are grilling. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, and the grilling grates may be removed and washed in the dishwasher or sink. From the exterior also it retains its shine for long and demands very little maintenance. Weber electric bbq smoker Grill is also a very versatile product, as hamburgers, steaks, pork, chicken, lamb to corn and other vegetable can be practically grilled with no or very little oil. It is surely the fastest and healthiest way of cooking food items.
There are probably two issues that the grill has- the first is the size. The Weber electric Grills especially the Q-240 is meant for small needs. If you have big eaters around you, it may not be able to suffice well. But the quality of grilling it offers is only possible when it is small in size. Drawing only 120v of electricity, it is tough to raise the temperature of the grill to 600 degrees Fahrenheit if it is not small. If the size has to be increased, the power input has also to be increased! So better not own it if your needs are greater. The second issue is the size of the cord. Six feet is suitable for indoor purposes, but not enough when outdoor cooking is concerned. So if you are planning to run your grill outdoors, this may not be your best choice.

weber electric grills
The compact design of the Weber electric Grills is easy to set on the kitchen counters and outdoors. It can grill food at high temperatures and the stainless steel grates leave professional cadre grill marks on the meat. The insulated and closed design immediately the heat after the lid is opened.
Often the compact size does not suffice the needs of larger families like those more than four people. The small cooking area in Weber electric Grills is not very functional when there are guests. The cord too should have been longer because in case of outdoor operations it may pose a challenge.
Weber electric Grills is ideally suited for small families in compact houses who want the perfect aesthetics and functionality.


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