Traeger Grills Review

Traeger Grills have been a household name among smokers for quite some time now. In a market where each new sun sees a new smoker, Traeger Grills marks its presence by sheer simplicity of use and cool aesthetics. Even though not having the looks that can kill, yet the easy operation and convenience of running the Traeger Grill has won a lot of hearts in the market.

Product Description for Traeger Grills

The Traeger Tex Elite Pellet Grill is a sturdy machine, and there is nothing little about it. It is a simple stylish unit that offers a cooking space of 418 square inch space. It offers 20,000BTU’s to the meat that is being cooked and with the porcelain cooking grate it cooks tasty as well as healthy food with the blink of an eye. Added to this is the digital thermostat that lets you monitor the accurate temperature that you want to cook the meat in. Together with it there are the various levels of cooking. Traeger Grills is also easy to clean and maintain. The grease drains off and get collected, and just a little bit of running water and common dishwasher soap can keep its shine intact for years.
Similarly, the Traeger Grills junior Pellet is also another device under the umbrella of Traeger Grills. This device is also extremely versatile with the capability to roast, grill, bake and smoke meats ideally. Another Traeger Grills model is the junior pellet grill which also resembles the other two, varying in just a few features. All the three models are supplied with wheels so that they are portable.

Traeger Grills

The specifications of Traeger Grills are as follows:

Digital LED thermostat.
Free wood pellets of your choice along with the appliance.
Offers 20,000BTU’s to the meat.
Sturdy steel construction with powder finish coating.
Rubber coated wheels.
3-year warranty on all the three models.

Features of Traeger Grills

The very first feature of a Traeger Grill is that it is an ideal definition for simplicity and portability. Hoisted on two wheels it can be carried from one place to another in spite of being heavy. The three Traeger Grill models come with thermostat controllers that can accurately control the temperature inside the grilling machine to three different levels. In the Traeger Grills, wood pellets put in the hopper are sent to the cooking space mechanically by an auger. The centrally located fire-pot get the wood pellets and starts heating it after the ignition of the heating element.

During the first four minutes, the unit uses 300watts but as soon as the ignition temperature has been reached it draws only 50 watts for a slow but steady heat to cook the meat. User convenience is the key criterion associated with these devices and the Lil Tex Elite BBQ07E Grill comes with an auto start that gives seamless grilling or roasting experience.

The Texas Pellet Traeger Grills have been praised by many users because of its extreme versatility. It is a smoker as well as a griller, and the perfect slow fire and choice of wood gives you the best aromas like hickory, cherry, mesquite and so on. Since Traeger Grills runs on electricity, it can also be used by the urban household who often do not have the permission to run charcoal and wood grills in rented apartments. The three basic settings also add to its versatility, and if you want some more options you can get hold of the larger version of the  Grills.
Regarding the wood pellets it comes as a side product in the wood industry and the unit itself come with a ready stock. But to run the unit often you will need a constant filling of your stock. Don’t worry; you can buy the stock online because the special fuel for Traeger Grills is always available on the net.

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Taking of the pros, the biggest aspect of a Traeger Grill is its easy operational methods. The grill runs on a normal 110V output and can pull temperatures close to 20,000 BTU’s, varying slightly with each model. The wood pellets create the heat and the smoke and gives you just the very same flavor as those done on charcoal and wood fire.
The controlled feeder mechanism add to your comfort by not having to look very close to the smoke. To this is the easy clean-up process that let you control grease and other sticky material in the grilling device.
All the Traeger Grills require specialized fuel. There have been some issues recently with the quality of the product, and users have also questioned the accuracy of the thermostat controller.
Bottom Line
Years of consistent research have let Traeger Grills create their line of product that have been tried and tested for perfection. With different versions suitable for different need, the Lil Tex Smoker is the smallest unit, but with 418 inches of cooking space in certain models, the Traeger Grills can also suffice the larger needs.

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