Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

This Old Smokey Electric Smoker review is intended for people who are excited by the idea of relishing homemade smoked meats but do not want the trouble of burning charcoal or anything hi-tech for smoking dishes! It is a simple appliance that gives you all the basic utilities, but there is nothing fancy about it.

Product Description of Old Smokey Electric Smoker

This Electric Smoker is a sturdy aluminized stainless steel appliance that can last you a lifetime. Running on 1250 watt/120 volt it can raise temperatures close to two hundred degrees. The dimension of the product is 15.5 inches in width by 29 inches in depth. The appliance works on the principle of the thermostat that allows it to maintain a consistent temperature while you are cooking your food. You have the freedom to choose from cooking styles to cooking time and create mouthwatering recipes like smoked chicken, pork or turkey.
The appliance may be divided into three sections. The upper part contains the upper grill that is located at a depth of 4.5 inches from the top and measuring 14.5 inches. The lower grill, measuring 12.5 inches is located at a depth of 13 inches from the top, below which is located the drip pan. Each grill is supplied with handles so that it may be installed and removed with ease. The third section comprises of the heating element.
The entire setup includes the following parts- top grill, bottom grill, chip tray, drip pan, two side handles, grease absorbent granules, wood chips, top handle, thermostat and cord, lid and a manual to train you how to run the appliance.

old smokey electric smoker review


Features of Old Smokey Electric Smoker

On first look at the Old Smokey Electric Smoker, you will feel that it is nothing more than a tin can with a heating element because aesthetically it is not outstanding. However, when you take a close look you will understand that it is intended for those perfect barbecue parties and outdoor smoking events which you have so often attended. The simple aesthetics will now demand attention because it has enough space for perfect smoking. The heating element raises a constant low temperature for a slow time that cooks meats and makes it soft and delicious, yet not dehydrated.
But this is what all the smokers do! How is Old Smoky Electric Smoker different from the rest? Well the feature that sets the smoker apart from the rest is its reliability. Made of aluminized steel the body of the smoker is shock resistant and corrosion free. Old Smokey is a name that has been serving the market since 1930’s and years of comprehensive knowledge have given them the keen insight that those products that are easily maintained last longer in the market. The Old Smokey Electric Smoker has been thriving in the market by the sheer quality of product and durability.
Added to this is the exceptionally low price of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker. It does not charge you extra for any designer shapes or exterior finish and hence can offer you cheaper prices. You will get all those features in Old Smokey Electric Smoker that you get in other essential smoker appliances, and there is no compromise in terms of quality.


good old smokey electric smoker
The simplicity of the design is also the primary reason why one owns this appliance. The process of operating is easy and completes without any difficulty. It has been also noted that the fuel needed to smoke chicken in this appliance is less than the other forms of barbecue. There is no necessity for a water pan and the smoker works with the amount of moisture within the meat itself. The drip pan that comes with the appliance is also very easy to clean and maintain. Just washing it with a little soapy water will get rid of all the grease. The handles do not warm up when the heating element.
Now you must be wondering of space. As told earlier that the Old Smokey resembles a large pot, and it is quite spacious too. The lid fits in tightly on top; the flat top ensures more flavor to your smoked food, and the 15 inches (in diameter) cooking grates can cook eight pounds of brisket or ten pounds of butt in one time.
Storing the Old Smokey Smoker is easy too. Do not tightly fit in the lid while storing it in the store room. Keep it away from direct sources of water.
The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is very inexpensive keeping in mind the features it has. Added to this is its simple design and ease of use. Controlling of heat is very accurate and aside from minor fluctuations uniform temperature is maintained to give you juicy and flavored meat.
If you are looking for something that is fanciful or will match you existing home décor, this is not the product for you!
Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the product is reliable and provides true value for each dollar you pay. If you are a lover of simplicity and classy models, then Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a perfect smoking appliance for you!

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