Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review – An Affordable Smoker

Among the thousands of electric smokers for cooking that crowd the market, Masterbuilt Electric Smoker has created its own niche. Built with state-of the art technology it is connotes the qualities of value for money and reliability. This smoker is of great choice for those who want a convenient option to slow cook the food.

Product Description Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

With 4320 cubic inches of space, this Smoker is a sturdy machine. It closely resembles an electric refrigerator, and it can be grouped among those smokers that are priced mid-range. The heating coil runs on 800 watts, and the 4 steel cooking racks can help you prepare close to 30 pounds of meat to treat the entire family in one time. Added to this, is the control panel that shows you accurately how much time is left, and at what temperature the smoker is running. This  Masterbuilt works for around 24 hours and cooks different kinds of meat in temperatures varying from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

This  classic electric smoker is nothing but a hi-tech oven, and when you insert wood in the wood box you get the alike smoked aroma that you get from charcoal smokers and barbecue ovens. The vent on the top of the unit controls the smoke that is supposed to be with the meat. As for the maintenance and longevity of the product the powder coated steel exterior ensures that only a little bit of appliance cleaner is enough to keep its look intact from outside. From inside the wire racks may be cleaned with dishwasher soap and kept clean when not in use. The Masterbuilt Smoker has been made in China by Masterbuilt, and since quite some time now Masterbuilt has been able to turn out true to the people’s expectations.

masterbuilt eletric smoker review

*4230 cubic inches of oven space
*Draws 800 watts electricity
*4 wore racks made of steel
*Temperature ranges from 100 to 275 degrees
*Timer can work for 24 hours maximum
*Top vent controls the smoke in the unit


What is So Special About Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

It is undeniable that the Masterbuilt Smoker is far more spacious as compared to other appliances in the same price range. It is big enough to cook enough meat in lower expenditures like electricity and initial investment. Most Masterbuilt Smoker users have applauded its capacity to cook all kinds of meat in a variety of timing and temperatures. This box type smoker promises with durability and simplicity of use and once you have installed it you can right away start using it yourself, without having to read the manual.

Just as the other smokers, this unit too has an insulated box that can retain heat waves. The heating coil in Masterbuilt electric smoker is situated under the firebox, so that a smoke may be raised from the wood box. The four racks hold food and the electronic display on the top let you control all the aspects that cook the meat. The Masterbuilt Smoker does not need monitoring, but you may have to put in wood from time to time so that the constant smoke may be maintained. Since it runs on lower power of electricity it does not strain the electricity bill, but some people do have maintained that they have a tough time to cook when the packed in cold raw meat.

The convenience of use is the next feature of Masterbuilt electric smoker that may draw attention. It has a side loading wood tray that allows you to load wood without having the need to open the smoker. The drip pan that collects all the fat and grease is also removable and hence easy for cleaning and installation. Added to this is the rear mounted grease pan, which is also removable without much effort.

masterbuilt electric smoker

There is three months warranty on the product, and if ever after that there is a need for changing the heating coil, it can be done with very little expense. One user has pointed out that it takes only sixty bucks to get the heating element changed after he destroyed the existing in short circuit!
The Masterbuilt Smoker is more capacious than other appliances in the market that are similarly priced. It is a self-sustained unit that is neither cumbersome to use, nor problematic to clean. Certain meats that need slow and lower temperatures to get cooked are best cooked in the Masterbuilt electric Smoker.
There have been particular points that have been identified with this smoker; the unit does not come with a very long cord, and it needs to be plugged directly to the source without the extension cords. This may be a little problematic when one is using the  smoker outdoors. Even though it consumes lesser electricity yet the low wattage questions its integrity to maintain a steady temperature. Similarly, the consistent smoke production may also be questioned for the unit.
The verdict is that of you want a very inexpensive device that offers professional grade cooking experience yet can be used at home, the Masterbuilt electric smoker is right for you.

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