George Foreman Grills – Classic Electric Heat Grills Review

George Foreman Grill provides you the complete family-grilling solution. Whether it is for outdoor cooking or indoor cooking, this grill, can well suffice as a smoking product. It is designed to suit the needs of nuclear families, and the compactness of the design makes it easy to store in small kitchens. Often for patio grilling, moreover some people don’t like charcoal grills on their patio, so in that case, this grill is the best way to grill mouthwatering meat recipes.

Product Description of George Foreman Grill

There are three most popular models of George Foreman Grills that are meant for three different purposes.
1. The Six serving removable plate grill by George Foreman is designed for consistent and prolonged use. As the name implies it can produce up to six servings of meat and with hundred square inches of grilling space, you may cook your food ideally in one shot. The grilling plates are removable and are dishwasher safe. So getting rid of the extra grease from them is child’s play! The LED screen shows precisely the time you have set for grilling and also the temperature.


Meat needs to be cooked for a particular period of time at a constant temperature, or else it may get dry. George Foreman grill 6 serving removable plate does it very accurately. Cooking with this model of George Foreman Grills is hygienic too. As such grilling evades the necessity of suing too much oil, added to this is the sloped grill that removes fat from the meat. The drip trays also ensure that you have a non-messy cooking experience.

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2. The 5 serving classic plate grills is another design from George Foreman that has been highly rated in the industry. It can make up to five servings in one time, and the eighty square inches of grilling space allows you to do so. The adjustable cooking positions ensure that the meat receives the heat from all sides, and this is essential especially when you are doing so for steaks and burgers. The non-stick coating lets you cook your meat with very little oil. Whatever tiny fat is found in the meat is carried off along the sloped grilling surface. As the previous one, this George Foreman Grills model also has a power, time and temperature indicator that allows you to control all factors that affect the taste of the meat. It can be stored in a vertical position when not in use and the appliance is also dishwasher safe.
3. The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill is yet another no-fuss grill that can be used outdoors and indoors. It is erected on a half-foot pedestal that can be put on a table top. The temperature, as well as the time for grilling, can be controlled, and this ensures that the meat is cooked in the precise temperature. It is capacious too, and the grill tray is seventeen inches across. This version too has got the similar trays and sloping grates that ward off extra fat away from the meat. It has a shimmering stainless steel retro look that can please anybody.

Specifications for George Foreman Grill are:

1)All the three appliances have a LED display.
2)Non-stick coating in the grill.
3)The ridges allow the extra fat flow away from the meat.
4)Grilling pans are dishwasher safe.


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Why George Foreman Grills are the Best


The best reason why most people like to rely on the George Foreman smoker Grills is the reliability associated with the name. It can be used daily and can last you long. It will demand very little maintenance and just removing the grease then and there is all that you need to keep the grills shining.
From the price point of view to it is neither exorbitantly priced with extremely fanciful look nor very inexpensive with just tin like looks. It is the correct blend of aesthetics and functionality. You will get the right value for money for these grill products. Some of the models work at both sides and so it saves time even more.
The three models are very easy to assemble and to get started. They are simple to use with the LED display showing the temperature and the time left accurately. The Outdoor/indoor George Foreman Grills can be run in the balconies, courtyards as well as in the kitchen. Sometimes charcoal grills are forbidden by landlords, but there can be no reason why he will not consent to an electric grill! The grills are sloped and so all the extra fat is removed away from the meat. The non-stick interior does not allow the grease settle on the pan. All the three versions come with a three year warranty.
There are two aspects that may be brought into light- there is no on/off button in the three appliances. The second aspect is that if the grease is not removed immediately, it can be hard to get rid of it.
Bottom Line
The different models of George Foreman Grills are quite functional, easy to use and sleek to look at. Choose the grill that is most befitting for your lifestyle.

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