Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker: No Worries Electric Grill Review

Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker has been a pioneering electric smoker in the market. Years of comprehensive knowledge of the market have made Cookshack build the smoker such that it fulfills all expectations of its consumer. So, whether it is the restaurants, the barbecue competitions or backyard entertainment of guests, the Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker is an integral part of most of the American households.

Product Description For Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker

The Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker is a genre of electric smokers. It runs on 7amps/10V/1000W of electricity. It is made from stainless steel, and it is insulated with spin glass that keeps it safe from being heated from the outside. It is fully digitalized with LED panel that displays the internal temperature and the time remaining for cooking. The best feature of the Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker is the meat probe that allows the meat only at a particular temperature, ensuring that it does not become dry.

Cookshack Amerique Smoker

The product is equipped with 18 x 14 inch nickel plated shelves, two side racks, five pounds of wood (hickory), stainless steel exterior wooden box, three inches locking caster four in number, drip pan made of steel, cook book full of original recipes and a handy manual. The capacity of the smoker is fifty pounds and the maximum temperature in which you may smoke it is 300 degrees. The product is manufactured in US, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Features Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker

This Smoker has become a household name, especially with Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grills, and by its impressive smoker capabilities, as well as a convenience of use it is often heralded as the ‘perfect smoker’. You can easily set a brisket be off at work. By the time, you return you will be able to enjoy the smoked brisket!

It is ideally made for today’s fast paced life because people nowadays like the idea of relishing homemade smoked food but do not have the time and patience to tend a fire! It is computer controlled, and this is the reason you will have to set the temperature only at which you want to cook the meat and walk off. A uniform temperature is maintained and; therefore, the food is neither dehydrated not overcooked. It gives you also the convenience of setting the time after which the smoker goes in a hold mode.

The greatest advantage of using it is that you have a very capacious smoker with it. It gives you 1008 square inches of cooking space. You can cook eight whole chickens in one time inside the Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker. But even being big it does not require a lot of wood to create the ideal smoke. The reason for this is that it is enclosed very well and; therefore, very efficient in generating the correct smoke.

Being big does not mean that it is not devoid of looks. It is far better in aesthetics than the traditional smokers you have in the market. It looks extremely elegant in the stainless steel finish. The stainless steel finish means convenience in maintenance too. Just a little bit of appliance cleaner or soapy water can keep it shining for years. The cooking racks can be washed under running water so that the grease may be cleaned off.

Cookshack Amerique Smoker Review
Cookshack has been in the market since the last five decades and is well versed with the necessities of the times. Its efficient design ensures that it is very easily used and once owned, the Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker can last you a lifetime. In the market, especially on Amazon marketplace, you may have a lot of similar products, some even priced lesser. But usually going for the lesser product may not be very wise because it may give you recurring maintenance expenditure. You can ideally depend on the Cookshack Smoker because it has the promise of the age old Cookshack Company along with it.

Want to participate in more interactive sessions? The official Cookshack website has a ‘bbg forum’ where you may get a chance to gather plenty of real life experiences and recipes with barbecue’s. Cookshack also organizes barbecue classes every year for food aficionados.

The Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker is a sturdy machine made from 304 stainless steel construction. It is large and can cook meals for the entire party in one shot. It can cook fifty pounds of brisket/ pork butt, 28 pounds of ribs and of course eight whole chickens.

It is portable also, and the casters allow a smooth transition from one place to another. Computerized control allows very precise temperature management and LED Screen adds to the convenience of use.
It is very easy to clean and maintain it. Cold smoking is also available with the Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker if you buy the optional baffle for cold smoking.

It is a little costlier than other electric smokers with the same capacity in the market.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker is best for quality of construction, functionality and convenience of use. It is value for money and worth the price!

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