Bradley Original Smoker Reviews

Food Smoking is an exciting part of cooking, flavoring or processing the food by adding it to smoke to allow the food to burn slowly without any flame. Well, among the smoked foods, meat and fish are the common ones. Many people suggest Bradley Original smoker food smoker because it works on electricity, it’s easy to use and does not require any usage of wooden chips. The smoker burns compressed wooden disks or bisquettes, as they are automatically plugged inside the burner.
Bradley Original Smoker can perform hot and cold smoke, cook slowly, and even can roast the food. It can keep on running up to 8 hours without any manual interference plus it has 4 cooking racks that can cook bulk amount of food at one go.

Bradley Smoker Product Description

The interior of the smoker comes in polished stainless steel while the exteriors have got Epoxy steel coating. There is a newly installed rack that adds support to other racks from tipping over when pulled out. Bradley smoker has improvisation conducted on the front plate and on the electric components, as well. There is a provision of extra-large front feet that adds support and stability. Furthermore, smoker’s generator has been provided with a removable side panel that used for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

bradley original smoker review
Bradley Original Smoker consumes 500 watts for cooking purposes and it consumes 125 watts for smoking the dishes. Some of the other highlighting specifications are:
1)It runs on the power of 120V 50-60 Hz.
2)Bradley smoker comes with a warranty of one year.
3)It has 4 racks (11 x 13 cooking area).
4)Usable for 8 hours without any human intervention.
5)Performs hot and cold smoke and can also roast the food.
6)Contains a water pan and possesses nine flavors of bisquettes.
7) It has an overall weight of 42 pounds.

Features of Bradley Smoker

Many users have given reviews that Bradley Smoker – Original is a great product that can efficiently smoke without creating a fire. Bradley Smoker, as one of the best electric smokers has thousands of flawless hours through which cooking (irrespective of hot or cold) becomes very easy and a happy process. This smoker is very simple to use by using just a bit of common sense.  Therefore, it can be recommended to anyone. Bradley Smoker  can successfully smoke the ribs and beef and customers found smoking in it as a lifetime experience! It is so simple to use that even a rookie can excel in smoking foodies.

There is no such area by which bisquettes can harm the smoker, for it is a simple mechanism. The bisquettes won’t add any trouble if they are loaded in a proper sequence as it’s very much easier than gas grill. If you can purchase enough amount of charcoal to cook the amount of meat that can be smoked in the smoker, then it is seen that bisquettes are economical to the pocket.

This  Original Smoker  is a highly reliable product especially when there are events, functions, or parties, when the food needs a smoke, Bradley just stands out! While smoking just keep an eye on the Celsius or Fahrenheit and the rest will be taken care by the smoker. The food becomes a glorious surprise. Bradley Smoker – Original is a great unit, and you can smoke your own venison sausage and it is sure to say that everyone in the family would be impressed with the outcome.

You will be happy to taste that the sausages made from Bradley smoker are delicious because of flavor and moistness. Besides, if you are planning for a picnic, this smoker is definitely going to be appreciated by all. This is a great unit as people who use it regularly would ideally recommend this smoker to first time users as it maintains the desired temperature needed for the sausage.

bradley smoker review

An ideal cooking device which is versatile in nature, and a complete self-contained unit. It performs hot and cold smokes and can even do roast and dries the food items.
Its unique temperature range makes Bradley Original Smoker  a perfect smoker for cooking meats or fish.

It uses only Bradley flavored bisquettes where the same has to be purchased from Bradley itself. Color choice does not exist. Only Black color is available.
Another problem that has been noticed lately is the briquette tends to get stuck-up when the button is pushed inside to advance the first briquette and the smoker unloads all of the briquettes one right after another.

Bottom Line

Theoretically speaking, Bradley Smoker  unit is tagged a “Lazy-Q” appliance. Well, it doesn’t mean that anyone can simply throw a block of some meat on a rack and create succulent barbecue. What it means is that a person who already knows how to perform barbecue and understands the process and other meat preparation techniques can use this unit easily when there are time constraints. Without tending to any fire and setting vents, you can get the smoked products just as delicious as if it is cooked in a traditional way.

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