Best Electric Smokers

Many top electric smokers can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Food needs very little oil or fat to get cooked in an electric smoker. Smoked food items ensure that the nutrients are intact. At the same time, they do not increase the calories in it. Food aficionados love this type of smoker, as have been shown in many reviews. Set it and forget! And you may smoke fish, pork ribs, turkey, beef brisket, chicken, peppers, sausage, cheese and nuts without having to count the extra calories you stuff in them when you cook in the traditional smokers.

Electric Smoker- An Overview

Most electric smokers work with thermostats. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the current is switched off so that uniformity in temperature may be maintained. They are safe. Of course you do not want your food charred beyond a certain limit! There are electric smokers that work on rheostats too. They are less preferable because even though you may control the temperature in medium, high or low. Yet they may often fail to heat up the wood that will make smoke come out.

In the thermostat generated models, you only press the button or dial to start current flowing. The thermostat controlled one offer more precise control over time and heat. Most of the appliances usually draw 10 to 20 amperes and as soon as there is a load, the circuit breaker pops immediately. It is rather cheap to work with an electric smoker because after consuming one kilowatt of power in two hours your bill will be about ten cents. Two hours are enough for treating you and your guests with the best smoked dishes! So you can well gauge that it is far cheaper than burning charcoal.

Electric smoker
If you stay in an apartment that comes with free electricity, you can run your electric smoker without any expense. With the electric smokers, you are saved. From lighting the charcoal, holding your patience till the food gets smoked and keep on adding charcoal so that the smoke is maintained. Moreover, if you want to create the best smoked dishes try marinating the items at least three hours in advance in rosemary or sauerkraut juice. To get the best smoked effects add some charcoal to the wooden box.

Factors for Buying an Electric Smoker

Before purchasing an electric smoker, you must note some of the specifications of the smokers.

1). Power Consumption

The most important criterion is to check the power consumption. Opting for a smoker that draws lesser energy saves money. It also gives you an opportunity to fulfill your responsibilities towards nature. In case of going for a higher power need, you may have to upgrade your wiring, and this you would be definitely not wanting to do!

2). Storage Capacity

The next is the storage capacity. Going for a smaller electric smoker will consume lesser power and is faster too. But try to own something that is a little bigger than you actually need for your family. You would be definitely not liking to cook twice on the smoker when guests turn up!

3). Building Material

The third important factor that you must know is the material of the smoker. Stainless steel is very popular, but aluminum smokers are used by many too. Remember that the roof of the smoker has a lot of impact on the smoking process.

4). Brand of the Electric Smoker

When we buy any product, we must look into the brand and the available reviews. And customer feedback of the company. It is imperative to deal only with that company. It has comprehensive knowledge not only of the product but also of customer service and maintenance of the product. You can check for review and customer feedback of electric smokers online. Other way is asking friends as they will be able to tell you how long they have been using the electric smoker without problem.

5). Value for Money

The prices of electric smokers vary . But it is wise not to opt for the cheapest product. An electric smoker is nothing that you buy every month; it is a one-time investment and hence looks at the value for money. Assess the price in respect to the features before deciding on any appliance.

electric bbq smoker
The best part of electric smoker is that you can smoke your product under controlled temperatures. You need not bother of maintaining temperatures. Temperature setting is possible with thermostats and rheostats. Whereas thermostats will not allow the temperature to rise beyond a certain point. Rheostats cook on a low constant temperature.

Electric smoker is quite safer compared to the other traditional smokers. You need to set the time for cooking and it will shut off without creating a fire. So, electric smoker gives you all the control and the greater safety while cooking.

If you want to plan a party having a lot of people around you, then electric smoker is best for you. You can make a lot of smoked food with it. Many electric smokers are provided with extra capacity for cooking a large part of food inside it.
Those who love to eat the smoked dishes with charcoal burned flavor are not always pleased with the electric smokers. Many users say that the pork dishes do not taste well with the electric smokers.
Bottom Line of the Review

Electric smoker has represented itself as the perfect choice for the food lovers. Especially those who do not have enough time for cooking on the traditional smokers. So, if you want to have a healthy and relaxing barbecue dishes then electric smokers are made for you!

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