Best Oster Food Processor Review

Oster Food Processor & Blender: A Perfect Blend of Quality and Functionality

While choosing a Oster food processor, we look into various attributes of the machine. But the very first thing that comes to our mind is the versatility of the product and the ability of the motor. To this are added the capacities and the attachments. Oster Food Processor fulfills all the qualities you are looking for like versatility, powerful motor and accessories but a spoon can never be acting like a knife and still be safe!

So there are many models of this Processors in the market- each of them come with the quality assurance of Oster and each has its unique features.

Review of Some of the Top Oster Food Processors:

 Oster Food Processor with 14-cup Capacity

The 14-cup capacity is a robust machine. The 550 watt machine can ideally chop, shred and slice with acute precision. The blades made from durable stainless steel and come with attachments like the slicing discs and chopping S- blades. One feature that must be mentioned is that the wide mouth cuts down your prep time and the food pusher continually improve the efficiency of the machine. Priced at $59.99 it is well within your reach. The best part is that it has a 14 cup capacity bowl, large enough when guests have poured in; and a 5 cup mini bowl that suffice needs for lesser ingredients.

Oster FPSTFP4253 


This  is yet another sturdy machine under the same brand with the motor power of 500watts. The capacity of the bowls is 14 cup for the larger on and 5 cups for the smaller one. But what sets it apart is the large feed mouth and feature for continuous feeding that can cut down entire vegetables like potatoes and fruits like apples. The blades need mention too because they are reversible. This food processor comes at a slightly higher pocket pinch that is $79.99.

oster food processor review

 Oster 10 Cup (220volt) 

This is a compact machine that has an equally powerful motor but a comparatively smaller capacity of the larger bowl making the machine extremely potent. The 10 cup large bowl can ideally suit family needs and the various kinds of blades make it extremely versatile. For versatility in the process of mixing, you can use the pulsating action as well as the usual action of working it. Priced at $109.79 it can cut, chop, mix, shred and blend all ingredients with better veracity than those with greater volume of cups.

Oster FPSTMC3321 

The Food Processor-mini chopper is a small handy machine with the capacity of three cups. These days’ nuclear families seldom have the opportunity to try different kinds of chopping styles. The mini chopper is ideally suited for these needs. There is a stainless steel S blade, there is a drizzle hole for adding oil or butter while ingredients are being mixed or chopped and there are two speed limits- these are primarily the utilities that one requires for daily life! The price is small too, and it is just $13.20.

Oster FPSTFP4010 

This is yet again a mini design but a little more versatility from the above product. Priced at $29.39 it has a constant flow feature and food pusher in the 4 cup capacity bowl. In case you want to serve larger purposes, the external chute can ensure continuous flowing out. Along with this come other features like reversible slicing and shredding disc, stainless steel s-blade, and a locking lid for complete safety while the machine is operational. Check out the stunning looks of the machine also!

Oster FPSTFP4255 Food Processor


This Food Processor runs on a 500watt machine and has a bowl capacity of 11 cups making the product extremely efficient. It can be described as those Oster products that are versatile and compact at the same time. It has all the features that larger cup sizes have like wide mouth, s-blades, reversible chopping and slicing blades, pulse operation. But what is more attractive, is its feature of citrus juicer attachment, fine disc for needs like carrot curls, French fry cutter, dough blade and a spatula. All of the attachments come with a separate accessory case so they may be stored better. It is priced more that all the above products at $129.99.

oster food processor

Pros and Cons
They are made to suit various requirements, but all of them have one quality in common- they are superior in quality. All the devices are built to run on excellent motors, and the blades are all made from high quality steel so that they may retain their sharpness and shine for a prolonged period. The jars are all BPA free, the safety features are enhanced, there are no leaking bowls, accessories are dishwasher safe making it easier for cleaning and aesthetically superior.

The cons are not so many, but some users have experienced it a bit noisy to use and shredding the mozzarella cheese is not an easy task with this processor. Moreover, it is is not designed for kneading dough also.

The Bottom Line
For assurance of quality Oster is the name you may rely on. Depending on your needs you may choose one from the many Oster Food Processor versions available.

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