Nutribullet Juicer Blender Review

The first thing that strikes me about this Juicer Blender is its compact look. However, this small bullet shaped juicer blender is bound to become the most used appliance in any kitchen because of the conveniences it offers. People have become increasingly conscious about healthy food. They may, however, find it difficult to pullout and place back larger food processors every time some smoothie or juice is to be prepared. With nutribullet juicer blender, such constraint will not be there because the dimension of this juicer/blender is quite compact occupying a very limited space in your kitchen.

Features of Nutribullet Juicer Blender:

Its dimension is just 12.9 inches x 9 inches x 13 inches. Also, the weight of this  processor is just 7.4 pounds. This means it occupies less space on the kitchen counter-top and is light enough to store and pull out easily if needed. Each NutriBullet Juicer Blender comes with high torque metallic colored power base. This base houses a motor of 600 watts. On it is a black colored cup shaped machine.

NutriBullet Blender Review

Powerful Blades:
There are two types of blades provided with this juicer blender. One is the patented extractor blade, which is perfect for blending and pulverizing. The other is the miller blade which is for grinding dry or hard food stuff, like nuts, and beans. Both these blades are made of high grade stainless steel with a sharpness that lasts for a lifetime. NutriBullet blender can pulverize all kinds of vegetables, fruits and other foods including proteins to give perfectly homogenous mixtures, juices, protein drinks, powders, and smoothies. It also uses the unique cyclone action for all such functions.

The list of accessories forming part of any NutriBullet Juicer Blender includes the plastic tall jar or cup, two short cups with handles, and lip rings for comfort, and two lids or seals that can be used to cover the cups and place them in refrigerators without having to transfer the content into another vessel. Consequently, many types of dressings and pastes used for cooking can be stored in these for weeks. Likewise, people can prepare juices and leave them in the fridge for cooling in these cups and drink from the same without having to transfer it into any cup or glass.

All these parts of the Blender, be the cups, blades, or lids, can be washed directly under the tap. Alternately, they may be washed in any modern dishwasher. It is also possible to use some warm water with a little bit of soap and clean both blades as well as a cup by running the juicer blender for a few seconds to one minute.

Easy Operation:
Another unique feature incorporated in this machine is the way it is operated. NutriBuller Juicer Blender has no switches or switch buttons. This means there is no need to vary speeds. All that a person needs to do is cover the jar or cup with the kind of blade required, attach it to the black cup and apply pressure from the top. Unlike traditional mixers, juicers and blenders, in this machine, like its predecessors, the food is loaded in the transparent jars which together with the machine make the machine look like a bullet. There are level indications on the cups. Any excesses may mean overflowing of food, or juices. After the grinding, the blade is removed from the top of cups, and can be replaced with other lids that form part of the  Juicer Blender.

nutribullet juicer blender

One of the pros of NutriBullet Juicer Blender is the number of cups that come with it. This facilitates making different kinds of juices or smoothies for several members of the family. In addition, it is not necessary to transfer the food every time. Instead, the second or third cup may be used to complete another mixing, blending, or grinding chore. This is what makes it an ideal kitchen companion in the morning hours when there is a rush to get everybody’s breakfast on the table in time, and if there are children at home, then it becomes easier to get them to drink something nutritious and yet tasty. Snacking will also come down because making juices becomes easier with NutriBullet Juicer Blender. The entire unit of this juicer blender can be easily accommodated, and cleaning does not require much effort. Most people would love this juicer blender because its operation is so easy that even children can make their own smoothies.

Amongst the biggest drawback of this Juicer Blender is the problem of leaking. Overfilling the cups can cause this and so also the problem with lids. Another reason for dissatisfaction with this Juicer Blender could be the sizes of cups with it. Perhaps a larger jar is a necessity after all because chores can be completed faster.

Bottom Line:
NutriBullet Juicer Blender is not a heavy duty machine. It is essentially built for day to day use. It can, at best, be a supplementary food processing machine. Logically, people should save on power as well as high power machines use more power.

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