NutriBullet Blender Pro 900: Does It Blend Well?

This is why the NutriBullet blender Pro 900 is a godsend. In a country where more than one third of the population is obese, eating healthy isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Busy people on a 9-5 work grinds don’t always have time to go to the grocery store. And if they can’t make it to the store, they cannot plan out meals that are satisfying and nutritionally beneficial. Healthy eating does not have to be a hassle. For example, it can start with simple choices like swapping out that fast food-chain milkshake for a fresh fruit smoothie.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Blender

I like the Nutri Bullet Pro 900. This is because it is so quick and effective. It allows me to blend up quirky combinations of different proteins and sources of vitamins without it having to be a 20-minute ordeal. To me, this product’s pros outweigh the con. It’s easy and straightforward to use. It helps me stay motivated to make healthy food decisions, and the cleanup takes no time at all. And there are tons of tasty recipes to experiment with!

The only real disadvantage of this blender, for me, is the price on this product. For college students who scrapes the bottom of the barrel to make rent each month, it might be hard for them to justify spending 90 bucks for what is a fancy blender. Yet, I understand that this isn’t an issue for every student. So, if you have from 90 to 200 dollars you are looking to invest in your physical health, I recommend it. Though the best price on NutriBullet could be had at Sears or Bed, Bath and Beyond during their special sales deal season.

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To better understand my likeness for this product, it would be beneficial to look at:

1) The user-friendliness of this product (Including the easy cleanup).

2) The nutritional benefits and the unique approach that this blender takes to break down essential food elements. And not forgetting the fun recipes!
Unlike Vitamix blenders, NutriBullet blenders are generally easy to use. And they are also easy to clean up kitchenware device. I am embarrassed to admit that it took me until I was eighteen years old to not be afraid to use blenders.

I have seen so many horrific accounts of lids flying off resulting in the most disastrous of messes. On top of that, some blenders have settings that I (as someone who is not educated in the difference between mashing, grinding, or liquifying) am completely confused by.

Magic Bullet – Easy Blending Usage.

Those of us who aren’t chefs or professionals in the culinary field, we need something a little more straight-forward. Which is where the NutriBullet comes in handy. To use this product, one only has to decide on a few ingredients and load them into the blender. And push down on the top of this magic bullet to start the blending process. There’s no fumbling with settings, no confusion, and (best of all) no mess.

Gone are the days of cleaning strawberry banana smoothies off of my ceiling and cabinets! NutriBullet blenders not only prevent messes from being created by ignorant blender-users like myself, but they are also so quick and easy to clean. In the past, I have had to scrub difficult residue from the blades of a blender by hand. Let me tell you: this is miserable work.

Except for the power base of the NutriBullet, it can all be tossed into the dishwasher (on the top shelf, of course), and you’re done. It is satisfying to be able to enjoy something delicious knowing that you won’t have to deal with a ton of dishes or countertop messes later. The simplicity of this product is my favorite part. Simplicity and resourcefulness are two important things when trying to wisely use my very limited free time between home chores and work shifts.

Help Healthy LifeStyle

The NutriBullet Pro 900 watt blender has a ton of nutritional benefits! Even the first step in leading a healthier lifestyle is important for having better nutrition. For many, like I mentioned before, means starting to swap out unhealthy options. For instance, swap milkshakes for some healthier options. Or, like a smoothie made from fresh fruit with no added sugar or other preservatives. This kind of health decision can also help us accurately count calories to make sure we are eating the balanced amount.

You can use any blender to make this kind of change. Such as regulating each ingredient that you put into your body to achieve the perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. So why, you may ask, am I such a fan of the NutriBullet? Any blender can get the job done enough, right? The answer I have is: not necessarily.

Magic Bullet Blender

While any other blender does, in fact, blend together your choice of fruits, veggies, and super foods, the Magic Bullet NutriBullet blender juicer does this in a very unique way. It allows for most nutrition to be extracted from the blended foods. NutriBullet carry out a process of extracting nutrients from our food rather than blending or juicing.

To those of us who are not huge science and biology nerds, this can be a confusing concept. (Of course, I use “nerd” in the most endearing way possible. Without nerds, we wouldn’t be able to even have magical blenders that extract nutrients from foods). What this means is that this technology acts on a cellular level.

It breaks down plant matter cell walls to release extra vitamins and minerals that are usually trapped within. In high school, this kind of information made my eyes glaze over. But now, as someone who tries to pay attention to the balances of my biology and diet, I find it so fascinating and interesting.

This blender blending machine is something that goes beyond juicing, blending, and even chewing! It goes beyond what our bodies can do. It is the best nutrients extractor of the highest degree possible. Besides, releasing vitamins and minerals that we can’t get out of our food, this technology reduces plant fiber (which is essential to a healthy diet) to a digestable form for our bodies. With this, we are doing the best thing for our bodies.

Complete Nutrient Extractions

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet blender is a piece of technology that transcends the ways we have treated our food for thousands of years. It is available to the general public! Healthy eating has never been so easy to achieve! I can pitch advertisement schticks and gimmicks about this product all day. But the bottom line is that NutriBullet is a neat little piece of technology for food processing.

There are endless combinations of blends and recipes of cool foods to use in the NutriBullet blenders. With anything as accessible and health-friendly as the NutriBullet, there are going to be plenty of interesting recipes that people contribute. From Pinterest, to various health food forums, to even the NutriBullet official cookbook, people everywhere are finding quirky combos that they want to share with others.

Of course, half the fun with stuff like this is experimenting. And finding your own favorite food pairings to mash up together for a healthy smoothie or a new salsa flavor. But, for those of us who need a little guidance through recipes, there is plenty of information out there: the internet will always save the day!

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One of my favorite things in the world is mango salsa. Unfortunately there are a lot of unhealthy options as far as store-bought salsas go. Chopping all the ingredients of a proper mango salsa can take forever and get boring. Luckily for me, there is a recipe on NutriBullet’s website “Nutriliving.” One of such recipes is for a delicious mango salsa.

To make this, it requires only quick, rough chopping before tossing the fresh ingredients into the NutriBullet and blending to the desired consistency. This website requires no subscription. And all the recipes come with nutritional information based on the amounts of each ingredient used.

Healthy Living Social Media Interest

A method of healthy eating like this makes us not only feel good about the things we are putting into our bodies, but it also helps us keep track of these things. So that we can observe positive changes in the way we look and feel. I will always recommend the Nutriliving website for people who are new to the NutriBullet products. This is because it can often be hard to decide where to start with recipes and healthy combinations.

The website is cool because it even pairs the NutriBullet concoctions with other foods that taste good and are healthy at the same time. The NutriBBullet sponsored website is good and authentic. But it is not the only option when searching for fruits combinations to test out in the NutriBullet. A quick Youtube search will reveal a ton of videos of people presenting their favorite recipes for smoothies.

Additionally, with all the healthy food trends on social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr, plenty of unique pairings can be found. In reading blog posts with recipes, I find myself researching and adventuring into new foods and juices that are found to have detoxifying properties, or certain vitamins and health benefits. This sharing brings people together in a way this magnificient blenders and other brands act as the vector to start these conversations about healthy eating.

NutriBullet Recipes

My very favorite recipe that I found on Pinterest is a mixed berry smoothie with chia seeds. It calls for fruit juice, so I put a splash of apple juice in with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries into it. I then add a dollop of vanilla yogurt and blend the ingredients in the blender for a short amount of time (I like a thicker smoothie). You can add chia seeds in before blending. Though I prefer to add them afterwards for a little bit different texture.

The best part of NutriBullet recipes is that they take very little time to concoct. As great as these recipes can be, I highly recommend experimentation and finding your favorite flavors that you like best together. In this way, the Nutribullet can almost be a medium for culinary art.

There is definitely a lot about the NutriBullet made blenders that I adore. The downside, as I mentioned above, is the price. Many people don’t have money to throw around on new nutritional technology like this, even if it is a great investment.

The new Nutribullet RX could be a great gift idea, and a hundred dollars can be a small price to pay for feeling good and living healthy. For those interested in living more active lifestyles, there are variations of the NutriBullet blenders. Apart from the Pro version, there are Nutribullet RX and the Deluxe versions.

I am not a professional athlete by any stretch of the imagination. So I don’t have much experience with these more powerful models of the product. I imagine that the motor strength (nine hundred or seventeen hundred watts instead of the standard six hundred watts) allows for higher degrees of nutrient extraction. So, more vitamin and nutrient absorption for those who need it. I do think there is a reason that the original model is the best selling model for the NutriBullet.\


This is a product design that thrives on simplicity and straight-forwardness. It makes sense that the most simple, straight-forward type of NutriBullet is the most successful and beloved by customers. The fancier NutriBullet blender can get up to around 200 dollars. But the simple 90 dollar version gives you all the health and convenience benefits that I have discussed so far.

The NutriBullet is without a doubt my preferred brand of blender. It does what other blenders cannot do with its nutrient extraction. It is easy for busy people to use and clean up. So there is no excuse not to use it once you buy it. I feel obligated to use mine–partially because I spent my hard-earned money on it. Besides, because its requires less  of work to use it at all.

Like a trendy barista when I am able to make smoothies in mere seconds with ease. My real love for this product lies in the nutrition. It is so easy to keep track of what I’m eating, and I know with all the science behind this blender.

I am delivering nutrients to my body in the best way possible. I recommend the NutriBullet blender to anyone. Based on it’s simplistic, user-friendliness, health possibilities. And even the artistry that comes with experimenting with recipes. It has absolutely been worth my money.

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