Nutri Ninja Blender Review

The market is awash with blenders of every type, make and price. Making the correct choice of which blender to buy from this multitude can be overwhelming. With Nutri Ninja, his need not be the case. If you get credible and reliable information that guides you to what is arguably the best choice of blenders you can get; blenders that do not need to have jaw-dropping prices. But rather have fantastic capabilities that make your blending experience fun and easy. While at the same time delivering the ultimate juices, chops and smoothies.

After some comprehensive research that also included customer reviews of many popular brands such as Vitamix blender and Blendtec Total Blender, we decided to test the best 20 brands and models. And pick what we felt are the best blenders in the market so far. Talking to professional chefs in a reputable and popular hotel, we have the authority and experience to share our thoughts with you. The reviews, and most importantly, our practical experience with the following blenders by Nutri Ninja, left no doubt in our minds that these are excellent examples of great blenders.

nutri ninja

· Nutri Ninja pro (BL450)

· Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL482)

. Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL641)

For a start, this range of blenders comes at a very affordable cost compared to similar blenders in the respective class. We have all the four models in our kitchen to meet specific requirements and their performance is quite above board. If you genuinely want the best blender for your use, anyone of these could actually be the best option for you. Users hail these respective Nutri Ninja models for being meticulous in all functions as each provides the most effective extraction performance. Nutri Ninja complete extraction system ensures you get all the natural benefits of your veggies and fruits. The wattage of the blenders is great. Having the capacity to conveniently break down all the common vegetables and fruits.

What’s more when you bring ice into the mix? The blenders’ blades perform extremely well crushing through the ice, stems and the skin with amazing dexterity. But for ultimate satisfaction, there are a few more insights you should know about these appliances before you buy one. These are:

· The Power wattage

· Performance of the blades

· The auto iQ mechanism

· Ability to effectively crush the ice

· Size of cups for the blender

· Aesthetic appeal

· Pros

· Cons

Considerations When Choosing the Best Blender to Buy

The Power wattage

Coming with a power range of between 900 watts of the Nutri Ninja to 1500 watts of Ninja Auto iQ blender system, these blenders are no match for their competitors. If you have used other lower powered blenders you will be pleasantly surprised by what this power does to your blending experience. Think of any category of veggies and fruits that you want to squeeze and this array of Nutri Ninja blenders work marvelous. Of course, you don’t put a coconut with its shell and expect any meaningful results. We have blended soft fruits including bananas, mangoes, pineapples and some seemingly harder fruits such as apples and pears and the result have always been fantastic.

For maximum nutritional benefits to you, family and friends, and dieticians advice that where possible, we should not peel off and throw away the skin of the vegetables and fruits. Some of the skins and seeds contain very vital vitamins and minerals that we will hardly get anywhere else. So getting a blender that handles a wide range of fruit and veggie skins and seeds is a sure way of retaining the widest array of nutrients from your delicacies.

With this in mind, my colleagues and I have tried our hands in blending carrots and mangoes complete with their skin. What we have repeatedly gotten is whole juices with all the natural vitamins and minerals intact. If you are a regular blender who needs a device with the raw power to blend your greens as smooth as butter, your search will definitely stop at Nutri Ninja brand blenders. The superb wattage of these food processor machines and their powerful motors saves you valuable time. You will blend practically anything in just about 5 to 10 seconds. No more sluggish blending that eats into your time and appetite.

nutri ninja iq blender

Performance of the blades

A blender is as good as the blades that are fitted in it. The blenders come with excellent blades that give you the smoothness you desire in your juices. Despite some fruits and veggies having more fiber content than others, you can count on these blenders to produce great extractions irrespective of the fiber content of your favorite juices. You retain all the fiber, which is good for your digestion while at the same time get the smoothest natural juice of your liking.

What makes the blades this remarkable? Consistency in crushing through seeds stems and ice is the secret behind these blades. This ability and the fact that the blades are unbreakable is a perfect reason that makes them great components. Breakable blades as we have been experienced with other blenders in the market are a health hazard. They bring the risk of accidental ingestion of broken pieces of blade. Nutri Ninja’s blades eliminate this unnecessary risk factor.

Ninja Auto IQ mechanism

Traditional blenders are known for their clumsiness when it comes to the manual approach to retaining accuracy and precision as you blend. For, instance you have to keep checking on the clock to ensure you stop the blender at exactly the time you need to. Count on the Ninja auto iq blender system to takes care of this. It has an additional quality that really makes it user friendly and fun to work with.

Think of a blender that has an in-built Automatic iQ System. Nutri Ninja iQ blender frees you to do other things without having to worry about sticking your eyes to a clock or to physically keep pushing your fruits and veggies down. The auto iQ technology combined blending, timed pulsing and pausing patterns into its functionalities in other to free you from this extra responsibilities.

The digital countdown timer has not disappointed on any blending instant. It makes blending much easier by displaying the exact time remaining on the Auto iQ program. Alternatively, it counts to track blending time when using the manual speeds. The pulse system is really great. With the blades first running then pausing allowing your food to fall back. And then it runs again, pauses and then repeats.

With this mechanism, you derive the joy of not having to manually push the food down into the blender’s blades. The Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ, the Nutri Ninja Pro, and the Nurti Ninja Auto iQ blenders system series power, perfectly free us to concentrate on a few other pressing issues in the kitchen as we blend and save our valuable time in the process of making edibles.

Ability to effectively Crush the Ice.

Granted, sometimes we want to have cold and frosty juice but without the hardness of ice. Whether you are adding ice to bulk up your smoothies or to give your drinks more texture or another reason, you definitely need a blender that can handle the ice without compromising the quality of your drink or damaging the blender. Take any blender from this range and the outcome is fantastic. Put in your ice and let the powerful motor and the blades perform the task. The end product is your delicious iced smoothie.

The perfect mix of the blenders’ extractor blades and the auto iQ of this fantastic kitchen appliance (in case you opt for one with the auto iQ mechanism), breaks down the ice, whole fruits, vegetables and seeds for total nutrient and vitamin extraction. You will pulverize ice to snow in a matter of seconds. Giving you creamy frozen smoothies and drinks for family and friends.

You can now easily add ice to your kale, apple, blueberries, lemons, carrot, banana and indeed any convenient fruit and veggies you want to blend. Failing to have your chilly juice and smoothies just because your blender is not effective in crushing ice is now out of the question. Get your ice cubes and comfortably get them into the blender and the results will amaze you.

Size of the Cups

The size of the cups determines the amount of smoothies, juice or chops you can make at a go. These range of blenders offer you a reasonable spectrum of cup sizes from which to choose. The 500ml cup to the 64 oz food processor bowl of the Ninja auto iQ blender system is large enough to deliver 8 cups of your smoothie at a go. However, in case you need larger quantities of your delicacies for one serving, you do not need to worry much.

The speed and ease of use of these blenders has come in handy when it comes to preparing the delicacies for a bigger number of guests at our place. When we have a bigger number of guests we only increase the number of times we have to run the blenders. Often. twice is more than enough. Interestingly, no one except my kids realize the delicacies are products of two separate blending sessions

Ease of Cleaning

We value and stick to the highest health and hygiene standards in preparing our meals. Whether juices, smoothies or chops. We are very particular about the ease of cleaning of the devices we use in the kitchen. Ninja Blenders can be a tricky category when it comes to cleaning. These Nutri Ninja products are remarkable and nice blenders when it comes to cleaning. They all perfectly clean in our dishwasher and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

The blades and the cups are particularly easy to clean. This ensures that no particles of left over or are hiding in there. Such leftovers would be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms that can give your juices and smoothies terrible tastes and also compromise your health.

Aesthetic Appeal

Getting an appliance that is beautiful and works above its functional utility is a boost in the overall curb appeal of your home and kitchen. These Nutri Ninja Blenders are designed to do just that. Some people are worried about the visual impact that such devices will have on their kitchen. No matter the color and design of your kitchen, these juice machines fit very well.  Especially with the general visual appeal of any clean and neat kitchen.

ninja auto iq blender system


This excellent product has a number of compelling pros that we have identified above. Besides, many of these attributes can also be found from the notes and comments of other users and reviewers of the product.

For example, one Amazon reviewer said, “The blenders are much faster than other blenders in its class hence saving you valuable time as you prepare your delicacy.” The wattage takes care of this giving the convenience of making bigger quantities of smoothies to last you longer than your current needs.

The accompanying cookbook makes things even easier. It gives you great ideas on the kind of foods to use with the Nutri Ninja blender Auto-iQ system smooth touch. The Auto-iQ is a big boon to the blenders in the area of technological improvement. It takes away the worry of concentrating on only the physical details of the blending experience. You just set the system in place and it automatically takes care of the blending specifications you have stated. This probably make its the best juicer blender out there


A few issues have been highlighted by other users and reviewers of Nutri Ninja.

These include:

Defective appliance upon delivery where a small number of buyers have complained about cracks on the bowls. However, this is actually a shipping problem which is not inherent to the product. In any case, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty. In case a buyer experiences this kind of challenge, the product is replaced expeditiously at no additional costs. Also, some users have complained of the blenders being noisy. However, our experience shows that in comparison to other similar blenders, the rest of the popular brands we have experimented with are way much louder than these Nutri Ninja products.

The center blade is also accused of taking up too much space at the expense of the blender’s interior space. But on closer look, you realize this is a vital quality that enables the center blade to blend practically anything on your recipe.


Finally, given the practical experience we have had with other blenders, we have no hesitation in stating that these blenders are efficient. Nutri Ninja, Nutri Ninja Pro, and Nutri Ninja Auto iQ far out perform other blenders we have come across. There speed is remarkable for blender in these categories. The blender’s internal memory responds with split-second precision to the settings you program it to. The size of the bowl is big enough to cater for an average family. The blender’s speed makes it  ease of use. It also makes it fun and convenient even for preparing your juices and other delicacies for bigger numbers of people compared to other blenders in its category.

After you have used your blender, cleaning it is much easy as it has dishwasher friendly blades. They are easy to assemble and disassemble. And If you need a blender that will offer you all the thing we have mentioned as advantages, and at affordable prices, our review gives you genuine insights of the best appliances to buy. Make your choice on these and raise your blending experience to higher levels. You will never be disappointed by the findings of this review.

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