New Ninja Ultima Blender. Best of them All?

With the ever increasing number of blenders in the market, many of them from trusted manufacturers. Choosing the right blender vis-a-vis the performance can be a tall order. To help you navigate through this cumbersome process, I’m going to evaluate the most popular Ninja Ultima Blender by Ninja company. Being a first one for Ninja, we have different models: BL800, BL810, BL830, BL830CB. Many have asked which is the best Ninja blender to get?

But, this review is not going to recommend some super ninja blender.

Ninja Ultima Kitchen System blender be called a powerhouse blender. BL800 which is often called the “base” bender, is the first on the list. It sets the precedence for other three models: BL810, BL830 and BL830CB. All these models come with a 72 ounce pitcher but vary in accessories. The 800 model doesn’t have any accessory attached to it but the other more advanced models have.

The 810 model has 2 single serve cups, a lid and a single serve blade assembly. The 830 model has 3 single serve cups , lids and single serve blade assembly. A cookbook is introduced on top of the three single serve cups in 830CB model. New models might have more accessories as the manufacturer hopes to attract new fans and maintain the existing fun base.

Ninja Ultima Blender Models

It is important to note that the operating principle for all these models is the same. There exists only a few superficial differences. Due to addition of some elements and accessories in other models, depending on the taste and preference of the consumer. After all, we may not all like the same thing.

The difference in the above mentioned models is that BL810 comes equipped with two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups . These are used when making personal drinks and cocktails. BL830 has three Nutri Ninja cups. And BL830CB has an extra 150+ cookbook besides the three Nutri Ninja cups – hence the initials – CB at the end.

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus Review

Having finished with the accessories, let’s now delve into more substantive issues inherent to the blender itself. A closer look at the blade system you’ll realize that it goes up to the middle as opposed to clustering at the bottom. This increases the surface area for blending and reduces the time taken to blend.

One shortcoming with this kind of an arrangement is, its inability to get greens like spinach or kale completely pressed. Take note in case you are making a puree. When tuning to different speeds depending on the content being blended, the 800 model has four option: pulse, low, medium and high. The other higher model are calibrated from 1-10 for more precision in tuning to different speeds.


The blender is electrically driven. It contains a 2.5HP motor which supplies a 1500W power to the blender. In simple language, this is the amount of work which, in this case, is blending, the blender does over a specified period of time. This is a good rating for domestic or home application. It is not little and on the other hand it’s not exorbitant.

Considering electricity bills, this is a modest rating. With such kind of power generated, it is important to say that heat is generated at the bottom of the blender as electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy that is used to drive the blades.

Thermodynamically, this heat can find its way through the principles of heat transfer to the contents being blended. What this means is that one may end with a hot soup as the content. Luckily for the Ninja Ultima Blender, this is not the case.

This is where the Ninja Ultima Blender beats other high end products in the market. How this is possible is an enigma to many people. But suffices to say it all boils down  the design and materials used to manufacture the blender. So in case you don’t want to end up with hot soup in the blender, Ninja Ultima Blender is the place to look.


The blender is equipped with two sets of blades rotating at different speeds. The top blades doing 500 revolutions per minute. And their bottom counterparts doing a massive 24000 revolutions per minute. This is possible due to different gear ratios.

The variance in speed is both a design aspect and a safety precaution at the same time. Why so? The answer is quite simple. Mechanically, low speed translates to high torque and vice versa.

When material to be pulverized is introduced on top of the container, usually, they are big in size. Hence requiring a higher torque to break them down. After size reduction in the first set o blades, the second set pulverizes them completely into a juice. This requires lesser torque but a high speed hasten the process is desirable.

The low speed on the first set of blades as I earlier hinted is also a safety factor. This is because, if the blades attacking the bigger materials for the first time are at high speeds, they may not develop the necessary torque to break down the materials. The blades may end up shearing and breaking, thereby contaminating the contents which might be a health hazard.


Using the blender is quite simple. The control panel is well calibrated and easy to use. The most stunning aspect about it is its safety features. The blender operates on a very simple rule-if everything is not in order it can’t run. Simple. This is very convenient when you are not very familiar with the blender. Or, in the event children are handling the blender. This reduces possible occurrence of an accident.

Unlike many other blenders in the market, with a Ninja Ultima Blender, you don’t have to keep on stopping it to push the mixture to the blades manually. Nay. Its three blades arrangement pulls the mixture and chops the contents to perfection. Due to its efficiency in pulverizing, you don’t have to use a strainer. The skin and seeds are completely broken down. The stainless steel blades maintain their razor sharpness.

Even after chopping hard stuff like peanut into very small and minute fragments. Due to its ability to resist rust, the blades maintain their shape. And when cleaned, nothing is left at the bottom. Hygienically it ticks all the boxes.

Ninja Ultima Blender Review


The overarching concern for many is the ability of the blender to juice. It is important to say that this is a blender and not a pressing machine with an in-built sieve. Thus you don’t expect pulp free juice at the end of the process. In case little pulp is desired then using a strainer is inevitable. But that does not mean the machine is inefficient – it is a blender.

Different people have different methods of blending. As different foods have different recipes. But when blending it is always advisable to start at a low speed and navigate to high speeds with time. When starting, the load inside is quite much but it reduces as it is broken down. Like any ordinary moving machine you start slow as it develops momentum to drive the load.

Ninja Ultima Blender Cleaning

Cleaning after blending is quite easy. You can clean or pour some dish soap and run it for 30 seconds then stop. After that you can rinse and dry.

Like any other mechanical and electrical gadget, Ninja Ultima blender is not without its fair share of drawbacks. As far as size is concerned, the blender is quite big. In case of a small kitchen, it’s good to appreciate that it can be easily accommodated. Height wise, it is taller than many immersion blenders and might not fit with its lid fastened. At first, when it’s new, the lid is rather stiff and difficult to open when tightly fastened.

This is both a merit and demerit depending on the user. If you are endowed with physical strength that’s not too much but if you are not you can be sure that is something.

Another drawback is that the 800 model comes with a one year warranty. While the other models may have a warranty of up to two years. When dealing with warranty issues, you have to bear the shipping costs and other costs attached to it. This is quite dynamic as it depends on your location.

If you are reading this, chances are high that you are interested in purchasing the blender. And that’s why you found your way to this page. This blender compared to other blenders is superb and performs exceptionally well.


The end product is one of a kind and smooth. One may say the cake is worth the candle. So, for anyone interested in purchasing a blender I would highly recommend the Ninja Ultima Blender.

Ninja company went into a great detail to ensure safety while working with the blender. One intriguing aspect is the fact that the blender cannot start unless the lid is fastened on the pitcher and secured completely by locking. For more detailed specifics, the blender comes with a manual and you can always refer.

Finally, I must mention that if you’re interested in a high powered blender, Ninja Ultima, is a winner. It is good to mention where to buy the blender in case you’re interested. BL800 can be bought from almost all the known retailer such as Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and many more. In case you want to request for it online, then. you can do so at

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