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When I first saw Ninja Professional Blender Model BL610, I thought it is just a tall and slim food processor. But there is more to this Professional blender. For starters, unlike immersion blenders, it is a powerhouse because it is a 1000 watts appliance. But it fits in merely at 10.6 inches x 8.2 inches x 15.8 inches room space. Though slightly more space all around would not be such a bad idea since the lid does need to be opened on top.

1. Features of Ninja Professional Blender Model BL610

i. It comes with a 72 oz XL pitcher that have four corners and a square shaped lid. This is unusual because usually pitchers that come with the blenders have a circular lid and circular rim. This Blender comes with a spout for pouring. Another advantage is that locking with the base can only be in a particular direction, so it becomes easier and faster.

ii. The pitcher displays measurements in cups very well in ounces.

iii. The handle is designed to ensure that the pressure while lifting the pitcher does not cause stress to any specific part of the pitcher.

iv. The pitcher is made from BPA free high-grade plastic that is scratch proof and highly durable.

v. There are five touch pad controls on this: power, pulse, low, medium, and high.

vi. Propriety ice and frozen fruit crushing technology, i.e., “Total Crushing Technology” has been integrated into the product. Six blades made from stainless steel are used for achieving this objective. These blades are fixed at different levels.

vii. The base is sturdy as needed for such a powerful machine.

viii. This blender has a motor of 1000 Watts.

ix. There is cord storage arrangement

ninja professional blender review

ninja professional blender bl610 model

Like any blender and food processor, this appliance also comes with some advantages and disadvantages.


Here are a few pros that I felt I could not overlook-

It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Can be used for many of the food processing jobs such as making smoothies, pureeing, liquefying, and crushing, including crushing ice. It is also useful for controlled food processing.

The pitcher, disc stem, blades and the lid in this Ninja Professional Blender can be easily washed in the dishwasher.


For me, these are the major cons of this food processor-

It is heavy.

The pitcher is made from plastic. Therefore, it can break easily.

Vegetables such as kale can wrap around the blades which can bring down efficiency in pulverization.

Dry grinding is not up to mark either.

2. Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Model BL660

You will be impressed by the sleek looking of this Ninja Blender with Single Serve (Model BL660). But the feature that impressed me most, was that it can be used for making a single serving of juices as well. There are not many blenders that can crush ice and make perfect smoothies. This Blender can give perfectly smooth juice with ice finely ground blending well into it.

Salient features of Ninja Professional Blender Model BL660 with Single Serve that are worth to mentioning are-

i. The appliance manufacturer has integrated a sophisticated proprietary “Total Crushing Technology” in the product which is responsible for this blender’s ability to crush frozen fruits and ice as needed in juices and smoothies. Basically, this technology consists of a disc stem or blade assembly with six sharp stainless steel blades positioned at three different levels to increase the speed of crushing as well as prevent any uncrushed food or ice remaining.

ii. The size of the appliance is perfect even for smallest kitchen counter tops. The dimensions of this Ninja Professional Blender are 9.2 inches x 12 inches x 16.4 inches. This blender is certainly tall and slim.

iii. The appliance has a motor of 1100 Watts, which is a very powerful motor indeed.

iv. For making this Ninja Blender a Single Serve model, 2 Ninja Professional nutria cups have been included. A separate blade on a lid shaped cover is included with this blender model. This lid with the blade is screwed on to either of these cups to get that single serving. This blade containing lid is then locked to the motor housed in the base of this blender. After the processing is completed, the lid with blade on it can be removed and washed and instead of it, lids without blade can be screwed on top of the single serve cups. The cups are made of good quality plastic that does not have BPA in it.

v. This Ninja Blender includes a 72 oz carafe. This XL pitcher has a square shape opening on top and its lid is also designed for that shape. There is a spout also that makes pouring of liquid without spilling easier from this pitcher. This carafe is made of high-quality plastic which is free from BPA.

vi. There are in all six touch pad controls in this model. These include low, medium and high speed, power, pulse, and single serve.

ninja professional blender bl660 model series


I cannot say this particular Professional blender qualifies as a comprehensive food processor, unlike the ninja mega kitchen system. But if you find the following pros satisfying all your requirements for a blender, go for it.

The blades assembly, pitcher, and single serve cups with their lids and blades can all be washed in dishwasher.

It is possible to make large quantities as well as smaller amounts of juices from this blender thanks to the nutri cups. In fact, this mixer can be used for many other types of food processing because of the pulse function in it.

This Ninja Professional Blender comes with one year warranty.


These are the cons of this blending machine on which the manufacturer needs to do some work on.

The plastic pitcher needs to be handled with care, even though it is supposed to withstand a lot of pressure. Similarly, the two cups also need to be taken care of as does the lid with the blade.

Though food processing such as pureeing, liquefying, blending, etc., is possible in this blender, some of the functions that are associated with such appliances such as slicing, dicing, grating, etc., are not possible even with pulse function. Effectively, another food processor would have to be bought for those functions.

It is not feasible to add more things when food is being processed.

3. Ninja Professional Blender BL663

If you are looking for a blender that can crush ice, you might want to have a look at
Ninja Professional Blender BL663. It is one of those series of blenders that include “Total Crushing Technology”. This blender can make snow from ice cubes within seconds thanks to this technology.

The reason this Ninja Professional Blender is different from other Ninja Professional Blenders is that it comes with three nutri cups each of 16 ounces. The other distinctive feature is 1100 watts motor.

Apart from these two, Ninja Professional Blender BL663 also has following features-

i. This blender comes with an XL pitcher that has a capacity of 72 oz. This pitcher is made of a durable plastic that is free from BPA. Unlike pitchers in other blenders, which have round opening, this pitcher has a square shaped opening on the top, and the lid too is square in shape as well. This lid locks with the handle, and there is a spout for pouring the liquid out.

ii. This Ninja Professional Blender comes with blades assembly, which consists of a stem with six blades at three different levels, which ensure that every ingredient, be it fruit, vegetable, frozen foods, or even ice is crushed into tiniest available pieces. This total crushing system, therefore, ensures homogeneously blended juice irrespective of the hardness of the ingredient.

iii. Apart from the 72 oz pitcher, this blender also comes with three smaller cups of 16 ounces each. These can be used to serve three different individuals, or add to the variety of juices. These cups are made from special plastic that is durable and is also BPA free. A special blade is provided for these cups. This blade is affixed to a lid which can be screwed on to the 16 oz cups. Effectively, it is a removable blade, which can be used for the three different cups. Apart from this blade containing lid, this Ninja Professional Blender also has three different lids for the three different cups. Therefore, these cups can also be used to store milkshakes and juices retaining their nutritional value for long with the help of these lids.

iv. There are six touchpad control switches on this Ninja Professional Blender. Five of them, i.e., power, pulse, and high medium and low speeds are lodged at the base of this Ninja Professional Blender.

v. The blender comes with cord storing arrangement.

vi. The blender has an 1100 Watts motor.

Ninja Professional Blender BL663

Ninja Professional Blender BL663


If I had to list a few pros of this Ninja Professional Blender, I would find these three to be highest on my list.

This Ninja Professional Blender Model No. BL660 comes with three Ninja Nutri cups, because of which it is easier to manage groups of different sizes. If the number of people is less, then Nutricups can be used and if the number of persons is more, the larger pitcher can be used. In fact, the Nutri cups indirectly increase the quantity if needed, or add to the variety of juices if so required.

Pitcher as well as cups, blade assemblies, and lid with blade forming part of this Ninja Professional Blender can be washed in dishwasher or by using hot water with little soap in the blender.

There is one year warranty being offered on this Ninja Professional Blender model


The manufacturer of this Ninja Professional Blender needs to work on the next cons-

The blade assembly needs to be removed with care as blades are rather sharp.

The pitcher and cups are made from plastic which even if free from BPA are not exactly crack free.

The lid should not be removed while the food is being processed. This means nothing more can be added later on.

4. Ninja Professional Blender BL663CO

I was told Ninja Professional Blenders are a series of blenders with “total crushing” technology integrated into them. Ninja Professional Blender BL663CO is also one of the blenders in the series. The reason this blender is different from other blenders in the series is because of it includes 75 recipe booklets which are not provided with many other Ninja Professional Blenders. I have a problem with memory and I certainly can’t keep track of what they show on a television show. The recipe book was enough to make me buy this blender.

The salient features of this Ninja Professional blender that I noted are-

i. An XL pitcher that can be used for blending and processing 72 ounces. This pitcher is made of plastic but this plastic is high-grade plastic. Therefore, it does not crack or develop scratches easily. It is transparent and has measurements mentioned on it in cups as well as ounces. The plastic used to make this pitcher does not contain any BPA in it.

ii. Another striking feature in this blender is the “total crushing” technology integration. The technology consists of a stem with blades on it, in three layers. Overall, there are six blades arranged in these three positions. Because the blades are at different heights food gets sliced crushed etc., multiple times and the blender is able to make better juices. This blender can be used to grind and make snow from ice as well. The opening on top of the pitcher of this food machine is square in shape. Correspondingly the form of the lid is also square. Conventional blenders have round shaped rims and round shaped covers. The lid has an opening for pouring out the liquid in the blender.

iii. There is lid locking arrangement combined with the handle of the jar. This ensures that if the lid is not properly placed, and the jar is not correctly seated on the motor of this Ninja Professional Blender, the appliance would not start functioning.

iv. This appliance has a powerful motor, i.e., a motor of 1100 watts.

v. This Ninja Professional Blender includes 3 single serves 16 oz cups as well, which come with a separate blade forming integral part of one of the lids. This lid can be screwed on top of each of the three single serve Ninja cups, and replaced by ordinary lids that are also supplied.

vi. This Ninja Professional Blender comes with a touch pad system on which there are six controls, i.e., control of power and control for a pulse, apart from control for single serve, and variations between high, medium and low speeds.

vii. There is a cord storing arrangement in this Ninja Professional Blender.


But the pros of clincher deal for me were-

Blades assembly, pitcher, Ninja cups, their lids, and the lid with a blade can be washed easily either by using some warm water or in the dishwasher.

The possibility of single multiple serves increases the capacity as well as a variety from this Ninja Professional Blender.

There is a warranty for one year on this Ninja Professional blender.

Now that I have used this Ninja Professional Blender for a few months I feel a few cons need to be addressed. These are-

The locking arrangement of the lid can increase the time was taken to start food processing.

There is a limitation on the variety of food processing possible with this Ninja Professional Blender. Many of the needed functions such as dicing, slicing, etc., are not up to mark.

The plastic pitcher may not be as durable.

5. Ninja Professional Blender Model BL665Q Total Crushing Series

The reason I purchased Ninja Professional Blender Model BL665Q is because it is an advanced model of the set of Ninja Professional Blenders. This Ninja Professional Blender is, therefore, equipped with more functions than most of the other Ninja Professional Blenders. Basically, Ninja Professional Blenders are series of blenders that have a proprietary technology called “total crushing” integrated into them. This technology ensures that Ninja Professional Blenders are able to crush even the toughest ingredient, like ice and frozen fruits, to convert them into homogeneous juices.
Features of Ninja Professional Blender Model BL665Q that you may find worthwhile are
i. The primary characteristic, i.e., “Total Crushing” is achieved because of the blades assembly. The blade assembly consists of six blades. These six blades are positioned on the central stem that touches the lid of a 72 oz pitcher, at three different levels so that the juices that are climbing up and falling back are doubly crushed within the same spin. This is what makes the technology more efficient in Ninja Professional Blenders.
ii. The XL pitcher in this Ninja Professional blender is made from a scratch proof plastic which is also crack resistant. The shape of this pitcher is not round like that in pitchers of conventional mixers. There are measurements on the pitcher both in cups as well as ounces. The square lid on this gets locked with the handle and has an opening for pouring out the liquid.
iii. In addition to the XL carafe, this Ninja Professional blender comes with a work bowl for kneading dough, mincing, grating, slicing, etc. There are two disc stems in this. One has two layers of blades whereas the stem with a single blade is for kneading the dough. This work bowl is 64oz in size.

iv. This Ninja Professional Blender includes three single serves Nutri Ninja cups of 16 ounces each. A separate blade that forms part of the lid is present in this as well. Also, there are lids too for these cups.
v. The motor capacity of this Ninja Professional Blender is 1200 watts, which is higher than all other models.
vi. The cups, as well as work bowl, are also made from plastic.

ninja professional blender bl665q crushing series
I was certainly impressed with these additional advantages of this Ninja Professional Blender.
The parts of this Ninja Professional Blender, i.e., pitcher, cups, work bowl, and the blade can be washed easily either directly on the slim base or in the dishwasher.
The appliance comes with one year warranty.
The appliance can be used for almost all the food processing functions.
The cons that I am not too happy about are:
The durability of the plastic parts is a suspect.
Not all types of chopping, slicing, etc., is possible from this food processor.
The locking arrangement of the lid and blade assembly can be time-consuming and requires considerable care while opening.

6. Ninja Professional Blender Model NJ600

When I bought Ninja Professional Blender Model NJ600, I had little choice. I own a food processor that is doing a perfect job of juliennes, slices, and dices, apart from mincing jobs, cake and cookie batter, and even dough preparation for pizzas and bread. The only flaw was it was not giving me juices. I did buy the Magic Bullet, but that is a single serving appliance. I needed a blender for the entire family, which could also crush ice and blend it with the fruits to make rich cold and thick smoothies.

This Ninja Professional Blender is different from most of the conventional blenders because-

i. It obviously can crush ice because of its “total crushing” technique. This crushing is possible because of two reasons. One is its 1000 watts motor, which not many food processors come with. The second reason is the way its blades are positioned. There is a stem that runs right up to the lid of the pitcher in this Ninja product. This pitcher or carafe if you’d like to call it that can hold 72 oz. which is good enough for our family. It has four corners. I am not sure that helps in any way but it is a characteristic alright.

ii. You can see measurements in cups as well as ounces. So it is easier to follow any recipe.

iii. I liked the fact that this Blending machine is merely 11 inches x 9.2 inches x 16.1 inches in size. My kitchen counter top does not get too crowded.

iv. The cord too finds a place.

v. I got mine with a recipe booklet

vi. There are five control buttons on it so I can vary how much of crushing I need to do

ninja professional blender nj600 model


I loved this fact-

Pull out the pitcher quickly and place it in my dishwasher.

I am still within 1 year warranty period; it’s only 7 months since I purchased this appliance and it has not disappointed me.

It crushes ice very easily and the smoothie preparation job is over in no time

It is not too expensive.

It has a pulse button for controlling the food processing.


I am a bit concerned about:

Though free from BFA, the plastic carafe seems too delicate.

Everything in this Professional Blender needs to be positioned perfectly for the appliance to start. This requires me to focus a bit as the handle controls the lid.

The blades are much too sharp in this blender.

The smoothie is not exactly perfect but will do type.

At times, the blades in this blender do get caught with leafy vegetables so you might need to chop them some before trying to make juices from

I would have loved this Ninja Professional Blender if it could have additional slicing discs for slicing, dicing, and making juliennes because that is all that is missing in it. Then I could retire my other food processor from my kitchen.

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