Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender Reviews

Nothing can be as perplexing as reading through several reviews of food processors that pertain to Ninja Mega Kitchen System and getting confused at the end of it. The problem is acute if the money that is to be spent is relatively large. But I dared to read some of a few reviews before venturing to buy it.
Honestly, I did not compare the food processor with other products in the market, but I am extremely delighted with my Ninja Mega Kitchen System.
The first thing that strikes about ninja blender complete kitchen system is the word, Mega. It is the perfect name for this comprehensive food processor. In fact, none of the reviews that I checked, at first, did full justice to its features.
Now that I am better acquainted with it, I feel happy sharing its features with others who are looking for a food processor. Probably the best smoothie blender out there in the market.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Features:

Mega Kitchen blender comes in various models and some of these are:
i. BL770
ii. BL771
iii. BL772
iv.  BL773CO
Let us see the various features of these models. In some features they are similar and in some, they differ from each other.

All of these Ninja blender models  come with a motor that is 1500 watts, which is approximately 2HP. There is nothing to be unhappy about in its speed. The quantity of food it can process within few seconds. There are very few such powerful food processors around us for sure.
So if you frequently have many guests coming over to your place or a large family, you should do yourself a favor by having a look at the performance of this food processor. Ninja Mega blender can also make fruit juices within seconds.
The powerful motor is bound to make some noise, though when compared to other food processors and grinders, the sounds are small.
Dimensions and Weight
I was concerned about dimensions because my kitchen counter top does not have much room and a large food processor would look out of place with my other delicate appliances. Any powerful food processor would obviously be larger, but Ninja Mega Kitchen system dimensions surprised me.

Ninja BL 770 Mega Kitchen System

Dimensions of this model are 18.4 x 11.4 x 16.3 inches while its weight is 15.1 pounds.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771

This appliance is only 10.8 inches x 19.6 inches x 15.5 inches in dimension and weighs 15.8 pounds.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL772

The dimensions of this model are 10.8 x 18.8 x 15.6 inches with the weight of 16.5 pounds.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL773CO

Its dimensions are 16 x 12 x 17 inches with the weight of 19.6 pounds. I advise anybody going through reviews to verify whether the dimensions are suitable for their kitchen counter top. Ninja 72 oz model of the blender ( BL771), however, weighs approximately 15.8 pounds, which is on average weight side for food processors. I keep it in place with suction cups for holding it away from moving and falling off my kitchen counter top.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

Blender Capacity

Many smaller food processors are available in the market, but they do not include blending feature. Effectively, you would still need another appliance for making juices, even after spending substantial amount. But the Ninja Mega Kitchen system with all its models BL770, BL771, BL772, BL773CO comes with a full-fledged blending jar, i.e., a pitcher of 72 oz.
This extra-large jar can also be used to do much more than merely make the juices.

This is the jar you would want for making some snow, milkshakes, smoothies, dips, and sauces in. The ice crushed with this technology can be used in cold coffees and smoothies. This jar can, therefore, be used for grinding and blending frozen fruits like strawberries and hard vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples, pineapple chunks, and beets.
I have also used it with kale. I have not tried flax seeds and chia seeds in it. But seeds like those from lemon, cucumber, strawberry, and raspberry disappear entirely in this because they are ground so fine. It does need some water to move ice around while it is being crushed, so it is necessary to remember that for getting good results.

The major difference I found when compared to conventional hand blenders or immersion blenders, with feeding chutes is that here, I do need to chop fruits and vegetables in rough pieces. Another difference is that I need to strain the blended food though nothing much remains for straining. But that may be because I have not tried it with fruits and vegetables that have more fiber and pulp in them.
Though I have not used  the newer ninja kitchen system with auto iq, I have used Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender for making batters for different dishes. I have also used it for cake mix and cookie mix but I found the work bowl to be better for cookie mix and cake mix. The blades can really need a lot of cleaning if cake batter is mixed in this jar. The work bowl, however, does a splendid job of such batters and mixes. So pie crusts and batters are no big deal for Ninja Mega Kitchen system.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771

Total Crushing Technology

Ninja Mega Kitchen system has a novel technology, i.e., “total crushing”, built into it. The disc stem in its blending jar touches the lid and has blades at three different levels, ensuring that the crushing is done evenly and faster. Because of this technology, all the models can crush fruits, vegetables, and even ice. It can also be used for whisking anything that is needed in other cooking recipes.
This blending jar is made of plastic that can withstand heavy duty. There will be no scratches on the pitcher for sure. It also seems to be durable though I have not tried throwing it on the floor. For its capacity and functions, this blending jar is surprisingly light. This plastic used to make this jar is free from BPA.
The jar also has measurements embossed on it and comes with a nicely fitting lid. The handle is strong enough for the jar and ergonomically designed for the convenience of holding it. It includes pouring spout, which prevents spilling while pouring out the liquid content.
This jar though large can fit into most of the dishwashers. While the manufacturer claims it to be unbreakable and I too found it did not warp or break. But there are a few Ninja Mega Kitchen system reviews that warn of warping and the manufacturer of Ninja Mega Kitchen system has replaced such defective jars.

Work Bowls

The work bowl that is provided in Ninja Mega Kitchen system is also extra-large; i.e., it is an 8 cup food processing jar. Again this is also made from a high-grade plastic that does not scratch easily. There are no reviews that I have read which say that it cracks. So I am presuming it is nearly unbreakable.
The plastic used to make these bowls is also crystal clear allowing the user to decide when the chopping or grinding job is done to their satisfaction. It is important when pulse control needs to be used. The various models whether it is BL770, BL771, BL772 or BL773CO have 64 oz. of food processing bowls.
Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 and BL772 come with a 3-cup bowl in a bowl including chopping blade. However, this bowl in bowl or meal preparation kit is not included with the Ninja Mega Kitchen system BL770 model. What is nice about these models of Ninja Mega Kitchen system is that there is a smaller work bowl as well, which fits into the larger work bowl.

This smaller work bowl has a capacity of 3 cups. There is no separate lid for this smaller bowl in the Ninja Mega Kitchen system. The lid of the outer bowl ensures that there is no leakage from this bowl. This lid has a trim for such tight sealing because of which there can be no leakage either from the smaller or larger bowl.
The food processing work bowls are suitable for all types of kitchen requirements including dough making. I am making almost 2lbs. of dough for bread within 25 to 30 seconds in the work bowl of Ninja Mega Kitchen system.
The smaller bowl of Ninja Mega Kitchen system does not have a separate handle but the larger bowl does have a separate handle. Unfortunately, there are no measurements embossed on either of these work bowls. But they serve the purpose.  This work bowl Ninja Mega Kitchen system can be used to chop or grind steak and mincemeat.
Both these work bowls are BPA free and can be washed in the dishwasher. Similarly, it is possible to chop, crush, and blend cheese in Ninja Mega Kitchen system’s work bowls, but the processor does not grate or shred cheese. I would advise using the pulse mode if you do not want mush of vegetables because that can happen at times.

Nutri Ninja Cups

I have also received 2 numbers of drinking water glass shaped cups, again made from transparent, high-grade plastic, which is identified as “Professional Nutri Ninja Cups” with my Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771. Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 also comes with two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids. If you are going to buy Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL772 or BL773CO, then you will get 3 nutri ninja cups of 16 oz. with to-go lids.
These can be filled with ice and whole fruits for nutritional benefit, and inverted on the base motor with their blade attachment forming the lid while the food processing is in progress. This attachment in Ninja Mega Kitchen System can be screwed onto these cups. These cups are good for making smoothies for one person at a time.
Therefore, larger jar need not be used every time. These smaller cups would suffice and are very easy to clean. These cups also come with separate lids, i.e., lids that do not have the blade on them. These lids can also be screwed onto the cups like the blade attachment. Such cups of Ninja Mega Kitchen system can be placed in the fridge with these lids.
Also, there is an opening on these lids from which straws can be used for drinking. It is also possible to directly drink from such openings on these lids. The Nutri Ninja cups forming an integral part of Ninja Mega Kitchen System are also dishwasher friendly.


As mentioned before, the blending jar has a longer disc stem with blades at three levels. All the three blades on this disc stem are S blades. The blade that rests closer to the base of the jar is opened wider. The blades that come next, though in a row, have been positioned in such a way that there can be no way any ice cube or fruit escapes being cut by them and the movement created is a whirling motion.
There are two separate blades to be used in the work bowls of Ninja Mega Kitchen system. One of them is for chopping, and the other one is for dough making. The blades are double decker variety because of which Ninja Mega Kitchen System can do the better chopping, grinding, mincing, etc., when compared to other food processors.
There is a blade adapter also provided in the Ninja Mega Kitchen system that needs to be used for affixing those blades.
The Nutri Ninja cups have another type of blade, which is referred to as the “Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blade”. This is essentially for using with smaller cups and fits those cups like a lid.

All blades are made from excellent quality stainless steel and are extremely sharp because of which it is necessary to know their positions on the disc stems.
These blades in Ninja Mega Kitchen system can also be removed and washed in the dishwasher but I prefer washing and wiping them. The blades are also interchangeable so that food processing can be done as desired.

Ninja-Mega-Kitchen-System-BL772 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL772

Control Panel

The control panel  includes touch pad buttons for Power (switching on and off), pulse, speed 1, speed 2, speed 3, and single serve. Speed 1 is also referred to as dough. Speed 2 is referred to as blend, and speed 3 is the crush. You do not have to read the manual to know which of those buttons you need to press for getting the desired results.

The last option, i.e., single serve option, under the pulse is very useful too, and which is something that many of the reviews that I read failed to tell me. You see, that button is to be used with smaller jars forming the system. Though the processing is done fast, I feel the power consumption is lower for such processing. This could be because the speed at which the food processing job is completed in Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

Electrical Specifications

Ninja Mega Kitchen system is essentially manufactured in the US. Therefore, it strictly operates with 120V (60Hz and 1500W). You would need an adapter for 220V.


I received one year warranty, which will soon be exhausted. I wish it were for a slightly longer period.


My Ninja Mega Kitchen System is extremely fast. My food processing jobs are completed in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, I have more time at my disposal. I love the fact that I can get freshly prepared smoothies with ice crushed in them. Earlier, I was being lazy about making some of them for myself. Now, my health is improving because of Ninja Mega Kitchen Nutri Ninja cups.
In fact, all of us seem to be getting vitamins and minerals naturally and actually relishing them. I have used it for more than 9 months now. I have even increased using it for things like smoothies and cakes and cookies batter. However, my utility bill has not shown a proportionate increase, which in other words means that the power consumption in this food processor is actually lower. I have not compared it with my previous food processor, but it does feel that way.
I am also delighted about cleaning the entire Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The base, of course, needs to be wiped away and cannot be washed. But the jars, wok bowls, cups, blades, disc stems, and lids are so easy to clean that I am extremely pleased with this purchase.
Moreover, mine does seem voluminous for the large quantum of work it is capable of. We have used it for large gatherings and I have been quite relaxed thanks to the jobs it has taken over from me.


For starters, there is no way I can slice, chop, or grate with this food processor. Even dicing is possible only to a limited extent, even though has a pulse feature and flexible system of using the blades. In fact, the blades make pieces rather than dice the vegetable or fruit. However, the food processing job was good enough for salsa.
I cannot even liquefy or pulverize with this food processor, which is a bit of a disappointment considering that it includes the juicer option. It does not mix, nor does it puree.
Secondly, it has no AutoIQ. Nowadays, many food processors come with that feature. Basically, it means that the machine can be instructed to continuously do some grinding, mixing, blending, etc., for specified number of minutes or such food processing be done for specified dish.
But in a way, that is an unnecessary feature because it is simply too fast, and situations like leaving the appliance to do the job while attending to other chores are unlikely to arise. So it is not an issue as it only takes minutes not hours in processing the food material. The blades are quite sharpened and while using you should be extra careful as it may nick your finger.
The warranty period is insufficient considering the cost of Ninja Mega Kitchen System. It should have been at least 3 years for all parts if not 5 years. The motor, work bowls, the jars, in particular, should have been guaranteed for a longer period.


Ninja Mega Kitchen system is a value for money food processor as you will not get so many features with this price range in the other brands of blenders. It carries all the blender containers and you can get most of the kitchen job done nicely with Ninja Mega Kitchen. Crushing ice or blending fruits and veggies are so easy with the Ninja Mega blender and it is a real time saver.
Nutrients and vitamins are preserved to a great extent and I love this appliance in my kitchen. I must say in the end that the Kitchen System blender is a worth product to buy as it can cater for all your food processing needs.

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