Best Ninja Food Processor Review

People seek value for their money when they buy food processors, and Ninja food processor offers more than that. Every Ninja Food Processor is sleek in appearance so it will lend your kitchen a sophisticated look. The powerful and reliable motor that is included in these processors completes your physically tiresome chores in no time.

What Ninja Food Processor & Blender Can do in your Kitchen

Depending upon the model you select, your Ninja Food Processor can mix or blend drinks, whip up smoothies, chop vegetables for cooking or for salads, grind coffee beans, crush ice to get snow, knead pizza dough, grind pastes, mix cookie dough, and mix cake batter.

ninja food processor

Features Common with Most Contemporary Food Processors

This food processors also come with high grade BPA free plastic pitchers and bowls. These are calibrated, and highly durable because of which, these can be easily washed in contemporary dishwashers. They also come with locking lids that prevent spilling, and have well designed snout for pouring out the content neatly.

Attachments such as dough paddles and hooks, whisks, and blades form an integral part of these food processors. The blades provided in Ninja Food Processor are of exceptionally high quality stainless steel, and these too are long lasting parts. These blades and other attachments can also be washed in dishwashers.

The high wattage motors of these processors can be operated with push buttons on electric control panel. The machine functions smoothly and noiselessly unlike some others that give jerks. Pulse grinding technology is included for mixing up the content, so that grinding remains uniform.

Dismantling and re-assembling for the purpose of cleaning is easy and less time consuming. Parts, accessories, and attachments are available separately so that these food processors can be repaired easily if needed. New function can be added as and when people can afford to buy relevant attachments and these are compatible with the central unit of Ninja food processors.

Features Unique to Ninja Food Processor

Three features are unique to Ninja food processors, though not all of them may be present in all models:
1. The first of these is the Ninja blade technology, which is a patented technology. The blades are shaped and aligned in such a way that they optimally use the power and complete the grinding faster.
2. The second one is the smart speed technology which lets the user control the speed, especially for kneading dough, and grinding ice.
3. The third unique feature of these processors is the non-slip base.

Models and Accessories
There are several models of Ninja Food Processors, suiting to different needs of people. The list includes Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Ninja Mega Kitchen System, Ninja Black Blender, Ninja Kitchen System 1100, and Ninja Kitchen System 1200. Some models are better for making juices and other dishes like salsa, whereas others are for chopping, mincing, kneading, and heavy duty chores; apart from grinding.

ninja food processor review

Review of Top 5 Ninja Food Processors & Blenders

Here we go:

1) Ninja Food Processor Master Prep Professional Blender

This Ninja Food Processor comes with a 450 watts motor, which completes the work at a great speed. The motor is interchangeable. The appliance also has a pulse feature for monitoring the consistency. This food processor comes with a plastic bowl that can hold 16 ounces. In addition, it also includes two plastic pitchers, i.e., one of 40 ounces and another of 48 ounces. This food processor is available for approximately $60 as of the date.

2) Ninja Food Processor Mega Kitchen System

This Food Processor has a motor that is more than 2 HP. It offers 4 speed options. Unlike the other Ninja Food Processors, this heavy duty appliance has stainless steel body which is scratch resistant. The 72 oz pitcher, however, is made from quality plastic, and so is the 8 cup bowl. In addition, this model comes with 2 cups as well, each of which can hold up to 16 oz. Safety lock is another unique feature of this design. As of date, this model is available for approximately $200.

3) Ninja Food Processor Black Blender

This sleek 1000 watt 3 speed Food Processor comes with a single jar or pitcher that has the capacity of 72 oz. The model comes with black plastic frame. Because of its light weight plastic body a safety lock as well as a non-slip base has been given in this model. As far as we can say, this model of Ninja Food Processor should be available in the range of $100.

4) Ninja Food Processor Kitchen System 1100

This is primarily useful as blender, and juicer, but it can also be used for chopping, mixing, blending, kneading, etc. Making deserts and smoothies is very easy with this appliance. This food processor comes with a bowl that can hold 40 oz. In addition, a pitcher of the 70 oz capacity also forms part of this food processor.

5) Ninja Food Processor Mega Kitchen system 1200

This 1100 watt heavy duty Food processor comes with three speed options. The pitcher of this food processor can hold 72 ounces, whereas its bowl has the capacity of 40 ounces. As of today, this heavy duty Ninja Food Processor is available for approximately $160 or so.

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