KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour Review

KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour silver will enamor you at its first look by its versatile features and limitless options for catering all your blending needs. Retro aesthetics is coupled with acute functionality in the appliance and you can choose among the three speed levels-2, 3 and 5, to suit your needs.

Features of KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour

This  hand blender contour is a complete solution to all of your blending needs. Whether it is nuts, smoothies, mincing, puree, frothy cappuccinos or shredding vegetables the three blenders can handle them ideally. Three different blenders have various specifications.

KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour Review

 Three Types of Speed Kitchenaid Hand Blender Contour

5-Speed KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour.

This is a sturdy machine that is quite easily operated and maintained. This revolutionary hand blender will help the kitchen lady in blending and chopping of ingredients at any time. The detachable pan guard ensures that the blades do not hamper the cookware while they are being operated. When the blades are not in use, they are covered with the assembly covers that protect the blades.

The 3 blades of  the  Speed Hand Blender Contour are interchangeable- S blade is well capable of pureeing, shredding, blending and crushing ice for drinks. The other multipurpose blade can conveniently mince and chop the dense foods. Furthermore, there is a beater blade also for whipping creams and froths and blending pancake batter. The 5-speed blender is equipped with five feet cord and five different speed levels. It has a unique technology of detachable pan guard. The blending jar, as in other variants is free from BPA.

The powerful motor is amazingly silent, and the arm can be attached by simply twisting and locking the arm. Reaching a depth of eight inches in the jar, the stainless steel frothier works miracles.

3-Speed KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour

The 3-speed  Hand Blender Contour silver is your ideal friend to show your culinary skills! Nonetheless, it is performance oriented and can give excellent puree, smoothie, whipped cream or mayonnaise. The blending shafts can detach easily and can be washed in a dishwasher. As for the specifications, the appliance weighs only two pounds and is supplied with standard whisk attachment and S-blades which are easy to remove and install. The jar, in this model too is BPA free. The exterior is rugged but does not feel so because of the soft grip. Running on120V potential difference, it can replace your food processor for smaller purposes.

2-Speed KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour

The 2-Speed  Hand Blender Contour silver is the third variant of the same company model. The two speed hand blender offers two speed levels and good enough for those who want the basic utilities only. The blades are fixed, but the blending arm can be removed and cleaned. The stainless steel S-shaped blade lasts long and has one year warranty attached to it.

If you need only specified services, this appliance is ideal for you. The 2-speed blender is nothing out of the lot, but if you take scrutiny you will understand that the non-slip grip, S-shaped blade, light weight, graduated jar all add to the convenience and functionality of the appliance. KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour-2 speed is quite affordable in the price range, and it is dishwasher safe. The dimensions are 15.7 x 2.3 x 2.4 inches, and it weighs only 2.8 pounds.

KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour


If you are looking for a very basic appliance, the 2-speed  blender contour is the best suited for you. It is simple, convenient with a good motor capacity. It is convenient to wash and clean also. The 3-speed KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour silver is a little more advanced and with its chopping, blending and whisking capabilities it is a high performing blender. The motor, the blades and the measuring cup all comply with the level of KitchenAid appliance, and the added one year warranty makes it even more reliable.

The 5-speed Hand Blender Contour is even more alluring because it allows five levels of speed. People who work with blenders state that when a dry and wet ingredient is being mixed, initially the blender must work slowly, and then the speed must be increased. This is what makes the design most sought after. From the safety point of view also this variant is the safest, most convenient and best performing among the three. One cannot ignore the attractive designs of the three variants of KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour silver. They are made to suit your retro-aesthetics.


Though the 2-speed Hand Blender Contour is extremely versatile, but some users have noticed that, after some time, the handle kept coming off the shaft. Another aspect that some consumers have pointed out is that if it had come with a more sophisticated button it would have been better! The 3-speed Hand Blender Contour is all set for performance, and it has been adulated for that. But users have complained regarding their expectations of a more heavy and metallic finish. The plastic finish somehow fails to please some users. The 5-speed  Hand Blender Contour shows no cons as such and has ideally replaced the need of a food processor in the kitchens.

Bottom Line

The verdict is that the variety of  hand blenders are reliable especially since all the three variants are attached with one year warranty. KitchenAid Speed Hand Blender Contour is also performance wise excellent and serves some crucial purposes like crushing ice, blending soups and chopping salads.

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