KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer

The KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer is a complete blend of style and performance. It has been endowed with the state of the art technology and superior aesthetics that make it a pleasure to own. The appliance is a piece of art and matches very well to the modern look of your kitchen. In fact, people like to show off their Komen foundation artisan series 5-quart mixer pink! Furthermore, there is some charitable reason to buy this appliance. For every pink  Komen Artisan Series Mixer that is sold, $50 goes to the Komen Foundation to fight the cause of breast Cancer.

Product Description

The specifications of the Kitchenaid KSM150PSPK  Komen Artisan Series Mixer

These make it a favorite kitchen tool are as follows:

• The dimensions of the  Komen Series Mixer are 8-2/3” width, 14” depth and 13-8/9” height.
• The Mixer runs on a powerful 325 watts motor for fast and seamless mixing experience
• The product has been manufactured in United States and is by type a standing mixer.
• The capacity of the mixer bowl is 5 quarts or 4.7318 liters. It can accommodate three and four quart bowls easily.
• The attachments are made of burnished metal and the three-flat beater, dough hook and whip wire- are dishwasher safe.
• There are 10 speed levels for the convenience of the user, and KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer comes with 1-year warranty.

KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer review

KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer Features

This special Artisan Series Mixer is the complete solution of all your mixing problems. You can whip cream, hook dough and mix butter very well for catering to the cooking needs of all of your recipes. It is an ideal gift for those who have a passion for baking and cooking from scratch. The best part is that the plastic guard ensures safety so that materials may not be scattered outside and the different attachments add versatility to the product.

The wire whip can make fluffier eggs, paddle can give bread dough and hook can give cookie dough and simply give you convenience to do the tough job. You can even try making your sausages and pizza breads at home.

Apart from the attachments, it is necessary to state its versatility and multipurpose use. In Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer, there is a wire whip beater that is made for air-infused creations like whipping mayonnaise and egg whites. The flat beater comes next in the series and this helps in making meat loaf, batter and other textures with a little more fluid consistency.

The last is the hook, and this is instrumental in kneading yeast dough. These three attachments are genuinely functional and the pouring shield attached to them helps in placing the ingredients in a proper way. The bowl also locks tightly to the base thus removing any chance of accidents.

This Series Mixer can be easily maintained. There are no crooked corners or hidden crevasses. The top and bottom are flat, and a little soapy water and sponge is enough to maintain its luster and sheen for long.

The model is close to 15-inches high and is not very portable. It is a foot long and requires one square foot of counter space.

KitchenAid is a reputable name in kitchen appliances and the KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer is true to its genre. One of the main reasons to own this appliance is its convenience of use for making cakes, dough and cookies. Besides, if you want more advanced options like pasta and sausages, the attachments are provided. The plastic guard help is maintaining scatter free working experience.

For the aesthetic point of view, it comes in various colors, to match the decor of your existing kitchen.


The downside of this Series Mixer is that the attachment for pasta making sometimes gets blocked. Some people find it inconvenient to clean the attachments, and you can have a real messy feel if you do not have the guard placed correctly.

KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer is a pioneer among mixers. Even though it may sometime pose a challenge while one is cleaning the attachments, the work it does is nothing close to the inconvenience.

Take the example of speed level. The ten levels give you precise movement for mixing the ingredients thoroughly (when you are mixing dry and wet ingredients you will have given it a slow start or the dry ingredients may form lumps). Regarding the problem of placing the guard correctly, you must know that this problem exists in all mixers- if you do not attach the lid the materials will be scattered outside.

One thing that needs to be specified here is that you will have to use it often or else the grease can break down. So, we can conclude that KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series Mixer is the ultimate choice in terms of style, functionality and reliability.

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