Robot Coupe: Best Commercial Food Processor

If you are an ardent cooking person, you may have heard how important and solid, a robot coupe food processor is. And how difficult it is to find one that brings out the best from your culinary efforts. Even if you get satisfactory results, other drawbacks will make you reject the food processor. Some of the food processors are noisy, others consume a lot of power. Yet others don’t last or don’t do the job as you need, and some do not give you any choice in food processing. That is why I like Robot Coupe!

I also do not like too many attachments because packing, assembling and removing can be a big botheration. Too many blades also confuse me. And the attachments may or may not fit into the slots provided, making you constantly nervous whether the jar will jump out.

Robot Coupe Food Processor

With 20 years of cooking experience, I should know what I am talking about. So when I first set my eyes on Robot Coupe Food Processor, I did not fall in love with it. Instead, my mind told its motor, show me what you’ve got and I will tell you what you don’t. At the time, my skepticism discounted its looks. You see, almost all food processors are impressive till they start working.

Available in Different Sizes

When I went to the showroom, yes, I like a practical demonstration. Rather than the description by others. I am fastidious about quality. They showed me four different sizes of Robot Coupe food processors. The 3 cups one would not have served my purpose, but the six cups model did make me think.

I do have a food processor in working condition, but it is not good enough for large gatherings. And it is also incapable of many functions. It also gets too hot when overused. So we often end up spending on outside food when we have parties at our home.

I almost bought the six cups Robot Coupe food processor. I was thinking that the existing four cups food processor, and the six cups machine would suffice. But common sense prevailed in time. I would need two different sockets to be running the two food processors!

How would I manage with using the rest of the kitchen counter top for other things on some hectic days, when lots of cooking is needed? I was not prepared for more modifications to my house for the sake of a food processor. So, the 12 cups Robot Coupe food processor was welcomed into our home even though it is classified as commercial grade food processor. Robot Coupe is indeed a heavy duty food processor and can scare anybody with its aggressive looks.

Here are some of the Robot Coupe food processors that I saw in the showroom: you can check the features of these food processors and choose the one that is best suitable for you. But, my choice was Robot Coupe Magimix 3200 XL food processor.

Robot Coupe Blixer 2

The Robot Coupe Blixer 2 is a small sized food processor with the 2.5 quarts capacity. ROR-BLIXER 2 is the other name of Robot Coupe Blixer 2. Although this single speed processor is small in size. Yet it is sturdy and robust and can do the tasks like other efficient food processors. I have seen Robot Coupe Blixer 2 food processor easily doing all the food preparation tasks. Tasks such dressing, grounding spices, pureeing, and preparing sauces.

It has a transparent lid made of polycarbonate. This enables you to see the food processing from beginning to end going inside it. The bowl is leak proof and has a handle to provide you a better gripping. This blender works both as a cutter and a blender mixer. You can very well cut the big vegetable pieces into smaller ones. No matter raw or cooked and make semi-liquid paste or purees for your meals.

I have noticed that RC Blixer 2 is quite efficient. With an inbuilt scraper and leak proof lid for preparing liquidized or mixed food for straw feeding. Moreover, it has safety features like the one present on the lid for preventing contact with the moving blades. And another safety feature is integrated with the motor for ensuring operator safety.

Robot Coupe Blixer 2 comes with a bowl and lid of 2.5 Qt., lid wiper, bowl scraper and S blade of fine serrated edge.

robot coupe blixer 2 review

Robot Coupe Blixer 3

RC Blixer 3 is a high-end mixer, blender, and food processor, designed for chefs. Blixer 3 model of Robot Coupe comes 3 control buttons which include the pulse button that chefs look for. A 750Watts motor that consumes 4.8 amperes of current powers this appliance.

When looking at the features of this high-end kitchen appliance, you will find that it includes a brushed stainless steel work bowl of 3.7 liters. This can hold liquid of 2.0 liters. Apart from this, you will get an induction motor. It has a metallic base that is flat; a single blade; and a single speed apart from pulse function. Its motor shaft is made from stainless steel. It also has a scraper arm for the work bowl. And a lid that is leak proof, motor brake and a mechanical safety system that is based on magnet.

The work bowl comes with a handle. Its lid has an opening from which more liquid or ingredient can be fed into the bowl, even while the food is being processed. Because of stainless steel unit, it is easy to clean. But the lid is made from polycarbonate.

The functional capabilities of this 3000 rpm RC Blixer 3 include: the ability to grind, mix, homogenize, emulsify, chop, blend, crush, mince, and puree, etc. These make it a complete machine with less fuss about it.

RC Blixer 3 can also be used in pharmaceutical industry.
robot coupe blixer 3 review

Robot Coupe Blixer 4

Robo Coupe offers several high powered mixers,blenders, and grinders under its Blixer line. RC Blixer 4 is one of them. This kitchen appliance has four control buttons. Unlike the previous model, which include a pulse switch and a control knob that allows the user to switch between two speeds of the blades. For instance, from 1500 rpm and 3000 rpm. The motor in this mixer grinder is of 1000 watts.

The features of RC Blixer 4 include stainless steel (brushed) work bowl with a capacity of 4.5 liters. It has an ergonomically designed handle. There is a single S-shaped blade provided with this appliance. But, the blade is sharp and has a serrated edge. This blade is affixed to the stainless steel shaft in the work bowl and kept in place with a removable cap. The lid is made from polycarbonate and is the Achilles heel of this product. What I noticed is that it needs to be washed with care.

Yet, it prevents leakages and allows the user to add any other ingredient. Even when the food processing is on. A small opening is provided in the lid for that. Also, there is a safety lock arrangement in this Blixer model as well. The blade and work bowl are easy to wash and so is the removable lid. The base is also metallic so it can be wiped away.

This mixer grinder can do many jobs. Such as pureeing, mixing, grinding, blending, mincing, chopping, emulsifying, and homogenizing. On the whole, this RC Blixer 4 appliance is a tough one and inspires confidence.
robot coupe blixer 4 review

Robot Coupe Blixer 5

RC Blixer 5 is one of the powerful chef mixers available on the market. This Robot Coupe food processor is equipped with a 3 HP motor. There is no pulse control in this model. But the control knob can be turned through several blade speed options. Starting from 370 rpm and ending on 3450 rpm. There is a variant of RC Blixer 5, which has the pulse control as well. Other two controls are for switching the appliance on and off.

The features of this food processor include 5.5 quarts brushed stainless steel work bowl. It has a well designed handle, and polycarbonate lid that has an opening to feed in any liquid or solid even as the grinding or mixing is in progress. The lid prevents leakage. And there is a safety lock arrangement for the work bowl linking with the motor in the base.

The food processor comes with a single blade but this blade is S-shaped and is removable. The blade also has serrated edge. Also, there is the scraper arm, which can also be removed for washing.

This RC Blixer 5 food processor can be used for pureeing, mincing, grinding, crushing, pulverizing, emulsifying, blending, and mixing.
Robot Coupe Blixer 5 review

Robot Coupe Blixer 60

RC Blixer 60 is a commercial grade food processor. It has a motor of 11000 watts and necessarily requires 3 phase connection. There is a sophisticated control panel in this food processor. This includes a timer arrangement for almost 15 minutes. Therefore, it processes the food as per the timing selected by the user, without needing monitoring by the user.

The control panel is on stainless steel brushed casing. Even the buttons are made from stainless steel, making cleaning easier. The RC Blixer 60 appliance being large has been provided with wheels for mobility. These wheels retract when not in use.

The features include bowl scraper which ensures consistency and improves the turbulence within the stainless steel work bowl of 60 liters. The polycarbonate lid is transparent so that it is easy to see the mixing job in progress. It is also attached to the frame of the appliance. Thus, it is not likely to break easily because it falls off or has been overlooked.

There is a rim provided to prevent leakage. Minimum quantity necessary for processing in this mixer’s work bowl is 6 kgs. The bowl being large a framework is provided for tilting it. The bowl can also be removed for cleaning. The blade assembly within the bowl consists of a single large S-shaped blade.

RC Blixer 60 can be used for mixing, grinding, mincing, crushing, pureeing, blending, etc.

Robot Coupe bliser 60 review

Robot Coupe Gourmet CL50

RC Gourmet CL50 is one of the ideal food processors for continuous food processing. The machine is equipped with 650 watts motor. The speed of operation of blades in this food processor is limited to 375 rpm. This food processor can process food at the rate of 250 kilos every hour.

The feed tube is large so more giant vegetables such as cabbage or celeriac can be quickly pushed through it. There are 50 discs available in this food processor. The container or work bowl can be pulled out for cleaning. Smaller quantities such as 600 grams of potatoes can also be processed in this food processor.

There are smaller trays for collecting smaller amounts of food processed. These collection plates are also removable. The larger opening is covered and directed with steel on top. Cleaning the outlet is also easy. The pusher is attached to the main unit, and it is also easy to clean.

This RC Gourmet CL50 food processor can dice the food in 3 sizes, and make waffles in four sizes. This food processor can make cubes as small as 3mm x 3mm x 3mm.

Robot Coupe Gourmet CL50 review

Robot Coupe R2 Dice

RC R2 Dice is one of the food processors that can be used continuously for processing food. This is a high powered appliance usually for larger establishments such as restaurants, and eateries. It is powered by 2 HP motor, which can be used on single phase. The machine comes with three controls, i.e., switching on, switching off, and pulse.

Features of RC R2 Dice food processor include an ABS plastic 3-quart work bowl. The blade inside, however, is made from stainless steel. It is a single blade though it has an S shape for this bowl. In addition to the bowl, there is a vegetable attachment which comes with its discs.

This attachment can be easily removed from outside. The feed tube of this vegetable attachment has a large opening, and a pusher is provided as well. This vegetable attachment is also made from ABS plastic. All the parts that are used in the base in which the motor resides can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.

Basically, RC R2 Dice is a dicing machine, but can also be used for other food processing activities such as a grating, shredding, slicing, and making juliennes. Also, the work bowl of this food processor can also be used for kneading dough, blending, mixing, etc.

Robot Coupe R2 review

Robot Coupe R2N

RC R2N is a 1 HP food processor designed for commercial usage. The food processor has three switches of which one is to turn the appliance on, the other is to switch it off, and the third one is the pulse. There is a vent on the base of this processor to let the motor cool. The processor can be used continuously for a long time.

The features include an ABS plastic work bowl that can hold up to 3 quarts. The blade in this S-shaped and is made from stainless steel. The work bowl is gray in color. RC R2N has a handle, and a transparent lid. The vegetable attachment is shaped like a kidney but is large enough for larger vegetables.

There is a pusher as well. Even this attachment is made from ABS plastic. There are attachment discs for getting different types of chopping, slicing, dicing, and grating. The attachment has an outlet from where the processed food comes out.

RC R2N can be used for many purposes such as slicing, dicing, chopping, grating, and making juliennes depending upon the discs. It can also be used for mixing, blending, grinding, etc.

Robot Coupe R2N review

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra

RC R2N Ultra is a commercial food processor capable of doing many of the jobs that chefs require. It has a 1 HP motor in it and a fan that cools it. The appliance has a single speed, apart from pulse button.

Features of RC R2N Ultra include work bowl that can hold 3 quarts of food, but the difference is this work bowl is made from steel. There is a handle as well. The lid of the work bowl is made from polycarbonate. The blade provided for this work bowl is shaped like letter S. Apart from the work bowl there is an attachment for vegetable processing.

This unit includes two discs, i.e., 2 mm grating and 4 mm slicing. The feed attachment lets people process food continuously in it. The parts that are used for preparing food can be removed easily for washing in the dishwasher or by hand.

RC R2N Ultra food processor can be used for many things like kneading, mixing, pureeing, etc., as needed in the commercial establishment. The vegetable attachment does many jobs such as a grating, slicing, chopping, dicing, etc.

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra review

Robot Coupe R2N CLR

If you want a food processor for commercial purposes, then RC R2N CLR is the best option for you. This food processor is a continuous veg preparation unit that has got 21 various discs for food processing including slicing disc of 4mm and a grating disc of 2 mm. Moreover, you should not worry about the chopping, pureeing, mixing, blending, etc. as you will get 3 Quarts clear cutter bowl.

This bowl is made of a polycarbonate. And for convenience, it has a handle and an opening that is ejected externally. Like other Robot Coupe food processors, the RC R2N CLR also has a transparent lid to watch the progress of the food processing inside it.

The RC R2N CLR food processor is a powerful Robot Coupe appliance with 1 HP motor. It comes with 3 quarts see through polycarbonate work bowl for cutting vegetables and fruits. There is an S-shaped high-grade stainless steel blade that is included in this appliance.

The work bowl can accommodate almost 21 varieties of blades for different types of food processing such as mixing, pureeing, blending, chopping, and even kneading dough. It can manage to give process almost 850 servings within 3 hours because it operates at a single speed, i.e., 1725 rpm.

The motor in this appliance is an induction motor and the system includes a motor brake as well as magnetic safety design. Apart from the S blade, there are two discs also provided with this appliance. The 2 mm R209 disc is the grating disc, and the 4mm R211 disc is for slicing. More selection of discs is also available for this food processor. Overall dimensions of this appliance are 19.25 inches x 15.75 inches x 8.75 inches. With the bow, the extended height comes to 25.25 inches.

Robot Coupe R2N CLR Review

Robot Coupe R101

Robot Coupe’s RC R101 is a powerful food processor that comes with a transparent or gray polycarbonate work bowl of 2.5-quart capacity. The overall dimensions of this food processor are 9 inches x 14 inches x 26 inches. The motor in this food processor is of ¾ horsepower, and there is only one speed possible in this appliance, i.e., 1725 rpm.

RC R101 food processor comes with a single blade as well. This blade is made from high-grade stainless steel and has the shape of letter S. The shape, size, and design of this blade is unique and patented because it is good enough for processing larger as well as smaller quantities of food.

In addition to the blade, the food processor comes with discs for different food processing needs such as grating and slicing. In all, 23 such blades are facilitating different types of chopping, slicing, grating, etc. The S blade also makes this food processor useful for kneading purposes. The polycarbonate bowl of this food processor has feed tube openings through which both dry as well as wet ingredients could be added even as the processing is in progress.

The openings are wide enough making it easier to process any size of vegetables. Because this is a powerful food processor, it is suitable for preparing food for ten to twenty meals. RC R101 food processor can run on the single phase power supply.

The bowl, the feed tubes, blades, discs, pusher, and lid of this food processor can easily be separated from the base motor and washed either directly or in the dishwasher.

Robot Coupe R101 Review

Why did I choose Robot Coupe Magimix 3200XL Food Processor?

After seeing all these Robot Coupe food processors, I decided to go for Robot Coupe Magimix 3200XL food processor. Well, the reason is that Robot Coupe Magimix meets almost all my requirements! I have as of now and gave satisfactory results when it was demonstrated. Why do I say that? My requirements for food processors are limited to the extent of my knowledge about their usage.

I have also not used some features which may or may not be present in my model simply because I have not had any opportunity to do so. You see this is a larger Robot Coupe food processor, and unless there are many members, we don’t get to try some of the features.


In the looks, my Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is an average looking. You will wonder what got into the designer’s mind when he included that red color there and gray bowl. The part of the food processor that hides the motor is half red and half gray. This part also has four legs below which hold up the unit.

Maybe many of the contemporary food processors are more impressive, but still it adds some charm to my kitchen shelf. However this Robot Coupe machine more than makes up for the lapse in look.

Robot Coupe Overall Design and Features

Physically this Robot Coupe Magimix has a large motor base, unlike my other food processor. It was expected since it has more capacity. The dimensions are 7 inches x 11 inches at the base. Its height is 17 inches including its work bowl of course. If you do intend to buy the same model of Robot Coupe food processor, do remember to add a couple of inches more to its width and height. The additional height is needed for removing the lid and placing it back.

Space in my kitchen was right for it though I can say many kitchens would not have so much room available permanently for such appliances. Since this Robot Coupe Magimix food processor weighs almost 31 pounds, you cannot be thinking of removing and replacing it on that shelf. It stays in that place and only moves once in a blue moon, for cleaning.

You have only three buttons facing you on this Robot Coupe food processor. The green one is the “ON” button, the red button is the “Off” button, and the third one, which is black colored, is the “pulse” button. This is surprising for sure because most conventional appliances now have digital displays for operating them.

I like to retain control over how much I want to grind, slice, dice, grate, etc. I believe most professional cooks prefer such checks. The smart motor in this Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is considerably smart than my other food processor. Therefore, a single pulse can do an excellent job. I also leave the Robot Coupe machine alone and move around in the kitchen to do other jobs.

With the knob type of food processors, that is not possible because there is time limit beyond which appliance gets scorching and the motor may even burn.

There is a gray colored work bowl, which comes with the primary unit of this Robot Coupe food processor. This work bowl is opaque and made of ABS plastic. I liked its handle which inspires confidence that it will not break away from the jar and not stress my wrists either. I, however, bought another plastic work bowl that was also offered optionally with this Robot Coupe Magimix food processor because it is clear.

I like to see how the work is progressing; otherwise, there is no use of that pulse button. The lid of the opaque bowl fits on this plastic bowl as well. When the lid is opened the motor stops. Yeah, I can insert my hand and check the consistency, if I want to. I have not tried that as yet, though.

I was told that the plastic of Robot Coupe Magimix transparent work bowl is also food grade. I have to admit that this being plastic jar it may not fit into all the dishwashers. You might want to remove it from there before the vessels are dried with hot blasts of heat because plastics do warp when exposed to higher temperatures. I did not take that risk so far even though the work bowl fits into my dishwasher.

Robot Coupe Magimix 3200XL Food Processor review

My reason, however, is that I have got habituated to manually washing the work bowl of the other food processor, so it seems too much of an effort to walk up to the dishwasher only to place these dishes there when the kitchen sink is close by. But, if you use a lot of garlic, you might have to do some extra cleaning because the bowls do keep the smell of garlic.

In Robot Coupe Magimix food processor, there is another assembly for mincing, shredding, and slicing as well. The work bowl and this assembly are two different basic attachments. The assembly for slicing, shredding, etc. has feed chute. A pusher is also provided. What I liked about this assembly in Robot Coupe food processor is that the opening of its out-feed is on the side.

That design allows me to collect the processed content in a bowl below, without pulling out the assembly or pushing in my hands. All I need to do is push a bowl or vessel under the out-feed and the job gets done. I also liked the fact that this assembly has a narrow cylindrical hopper for cutting a cucumber and the likes. There is a separate pusher for this as well.

The main hopper is kidney shaped and wide enough for pushing in large vegetables. I cut the cabbage in half and push it in from there. In less than 30 seconds I have it all chopped to my satisfaction. The kidney shaped hopper is large enough to stuff zucchini, peppers, and onions without having to cut them as needed in conventional food processors.

It might take you some time to master food collection from the out-feed of this Robot Coupe assembly. Traditional round bowls will not be right because the out-feed seems determined to outwit you and will drop the chopped, shredded or sliced material where you least expect it. But the good news is that you can make pure juices from the same assembly of Robot Coupe Magimix processor.

I do and it also sieves them automatically. I also manage to collect some of the chopped food falls into zip lock packets. You do need to think out of the box for learning how to make the best use of the feature, but I feel it is a useful feature. .

The plastic of both the work bowls as well as the slicing, shredding, chopping assembly is of a high grade and unbreakable. Even if they slip from hand, it is unlikely that they will break. I have had the honor of accidentally dropping the gray work bowl and it did not even develop a scratch leave alone develop a crack. So to that extent my Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is invincible.

Both the work bowls and the mincing, shredding, slicing assembly can fit and lock on the main machine as and when needed. There is no struggle to get them in position on this Robot Coupe food processor unlike in other food processors. The coupling arrangement is also not flimsy.

This Robot Coupe Magimix food processor can finish my slicing, dicing, grating, shredding, and chopping jobs in less than 10 minutes. I even get slices of beetroot from this food processor. I get tomato and carrot purees from this food processor and these are without any lumps and of right consistency. The actual processing time is just 30 seconds or even less. Everything is done in 10 minutes.

This includes time for manual jobs such as peeling stuffing and transferring the processed food into desired containers. Mincing meat takes a while longer, but never more than half an hour. Quantity matters of course. I have used it to mince lemongrass and it did a splendid job. For coarse chopping, I use lesser amounts of food. I would advise against chopping parsley and cilantro in Robot Coupe Magimix food processor unless you want to lose their flavor.

My Robot Coupe food processor includes 1 S-shaped blade, apart from two discs with blades integrated into each of them. One of the discs that is 2mm (27577 5/64″) and this is for grating. The other disc is 4mm (27566 5/32″) and it for slicing. It has been three years since I purchased this food processor and so far I have sharpened the S blade twice.

The kneading function in this food processor was something of a blessing. There is a plastic blade for making the dough. In fact, the kneading feature is also one of the reasons I am glad I bought the 12 cup model of the Robot Coupe Magimix. Rather than the smaller model. The dough I get is just perfect for excellent bread each day. Because I use it to make that dough, I do not have any objections to this large food processor remaining on my kitchen counter top continuously.

Precision is what is important to me because we often have lots of friends invited to our parties. My salads have to be perfect and my deserts too. I thrive on their praises, which inspires me to do better the next time. This Robot Coupe heavy duty food processor not only offers me neat sliced and julienned vegetables and fruits, it also grates enormous quantities of mozzarella cheese for me in just 30 minutes.

I have also used my Robot Coupe Magimix food processor to make pastes and batter. It can do that with any chunky ingredient as well as soaked lentils. Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is also suitable for any wet grinding you may need.

It is also go for dry grinding. At times though, the grated cheese may choose to become stubborn and you might have to move it a bit from the blade. But nothing to feel concerned about. Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is much better than other food processors when it comes to cheese grating. This is because cleaning up is fast

My Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is also suitable for making unique desserts. I often pull out ready custard and pour it all into the gray colored work bowl of this food processor. Adding just a little more sugar. By the way, I love custard with lots of jellies, fruits, and dried fruits. It tastes much better because of the creaminess of the milk in it. You could add some cream if you like it that way.

In so far as cleaning is concerned, I have never found any food processor parts as easy to clean as my Robot Coupe. And trust myself. I have seen many of them because I have used two at my place. one each at each of my daughters’ places. And two at the institute where I taught cooking for a while almost 20 years ago. This food processor is so easy to clean because of its design which leaves no room for food to hide. The surface inside and outside is smooth because of which food will slip away quickly.

All I do is push these work bowls and slicing, chopping assembly as well as pushers under the faucet in the kitchen sink, and they are clean with just a mild touch of my hands. The blades, however, are rather sharp so you might want to be careful with them. I have not cut my fingers a yet, but I would not take chances with blades and discs that are this sharp. I also wipe these blades and discs dry immediately after cleaning so that they do not rust. Even though these blades and discs are made from rust proof steel.

I have never faced the overheating issue with Robot Coupe Magimix food processor. Though I have used it to its full capacity and run it continuously for half an hour and even more in the last 3 years. There are vents on the body for letting off the heat generated inside by its motor.

The motor in this Robot Coupe Magimix food processor is of 1 HP, which is mumbo jumbo for me, except that it does its job fast, without complaining. The operation is smooth; you can feel it. There is no bearing roughness. The only time I ever felt it a bit warm was when I made nut butter from it.

I have also not found Robot Coupe Magimix to be noisy. My other food processor is loud and can get heated. Because I now do larger quantities with this Robot Coupe food processor, the heating issue in the smaller food processor has come down.

I also get good ground coffee powder from Robot Coupe Magimix food processor, which I use in my coffee maker. Of course, the quantity is a bit on higher side. So I tend to grind for a month at one go rather than grind for shorter periods. This reduces my power consumption.

As far as safety is concerned, this Robot Coupe Magimix food processor has ETL mark for both electrical as well as sanitation part. Also, it has cETL certification as well. The power specifications for this unit are 120v/60/1-ph and it requires 7 amps current.


It has been only three years since I purchased this Robot Coupe Magimix 3200 XL food processor. As mentioned earlier, I am still discovering many of its features and abilities. I can say it feels like a sturdy unit, which may be something that I feel because of its size and motor.

All I can say is, in these three years, I have never once faced any problem with Robot Coupe food processor. Thus, my Robot Coupe Magimix 3200 XL food processor is an extremely durable product which gives me trouble free service.

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