Hamilton Beach Food Processor For Your Kitchen

Hamilton Beach Food Processor connotes the words like versatility, functionality and user friendliness. Comprehensive years in the business have given them the keen insight that only those machines that give dedicated service to the consumer can thrive in the market. Over the years, the company has evolved from a small concern started by two enthusiastic employees from the Electric work background- Frederick Osius and Hamilton Beach- to one of the most trusted American Brands in kitchen appliances.

A Brief Overview of Hamilton Beach Food Processor

If you want to spend no more than $100 on your food making machines, the Hamilton Beach Processor is the machine that you must invest in. The full sized devices has the capacity of 14 cups in the jar (in some models) and is good enough to serve all those purposes in the kitchen that arise like chopping, slicing, mincing, shredding, and making puree. It has a big mouth, some so large to gulp down blocks of cheese and entire tomatoes) so that your preparation time reduced.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

The blade storage in the bowl is a feature giving the machine compactness and precision. Added to these is that some parts of the device are dishwasher safe and hence it makes maintenance easier, unlike the other models that make the owned wash all the parts themselves!

Some of the models of Hamilton Beach food processor even have constant feed chutes that let one keep feeding the jar even when the machine is operational. Again in some the discs are reversible to facilitate various kinds of slicing and shredding. But what is the best part is that all the appliances are equipped with multi-speed levels as well as pulse control so that the mixing if the ingredients is done accurately- all of us know that when a dry and wet ingredient is mixed, the process of mixing must be initially slow, or the dry products may form lumps.

But this not possible with other products that have the same powerful motor but only one speed level! It is easy to install and operate also. Other appliances may annoy you with their installation procedure but not so with  food processor. Another aspect is that it is exceptionally silent, and the high-power motor does not hurt your ears.

Review of Top Five Models of Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Let us take a look at the top five models and gauge each against their features.

1.  Hamilton Beach 70106 Food Processor

This processor is a full sized device that runs on a powerful 500 watt motor. This 10 cup bowl version is meagerly priced at $39 and even though priced less it is not made from inferior quality material and people have rated it for it seamless operation and ease in maintenance. There are dual speed options with reversible slicing and shredding discs. The blades are all made from durable stainless steel, and it measures approximately 9inches by 11inches by 15 inches.

2.  Hamilton Beach 70760 Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 70760 comes with a 10-cup volume, as well. Priced at $52.21 it can do all kinds of work like sauce making, chopping onion, shredding cheese, shredding cabbage and pesto making. The large feed can insert whole cheese block and the unique features are that, for storage, the lid can be removed.

3.  Hamilton Beach 70450 Food Processor

This machine is equipped with 8-cup capacious bowl. Priced at $27.99 it can let you save kitchen space with the in-built blade storage. The motor is 300-watts and can do all the household work. This version has dishwasher safe parts and so you are saved from cleaning them on your own.

4.  Hamilton Beach Deluxe 70575 Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Deluxe 70575 is a sturdy swallowing machine that can feed take in large tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers in one time. The motor is 525 watts and the stainless steel blades make decreases your preparation time by two-thirds. The device also comes within a French fry disc, a chopping blade that even expands its versatility. It is priced at $64.23, reasonable enough for the three speed limits, the BFA free jar and the sleek look of the mode.

5.   Hamilton Beach 70730C Food Processor

Hamilton Beach food processor 70730C is priced around $45 and is again endowed with different features. It contains an inbuilt scrapper, the unique feature that eliminates the need of scraping the sides with a spatula. The scrapper works on its own, and whether you are pureeing, or shredding or slicing. You can manage the processing speed in this model, and it also comes with two speed levels. The motor capacity is 450 watts.


Pros and Cons

There are a lot of advantages using this Hamilton Beach food processor product, and all of the versions has their unique feature. This is the precise reason why whatever may be your need you will get one to suit you. All the appliances come with safety enhanced features, warranty and are portable.

As for disadvantages, some users have found that at the top of slicer the foot gets stuck and feed tube is quite narrower.

Bottom Line

Each Hamilton Beach  Processor comes with the assurance of quality in affordable prices.

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