Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Cuisinart pressure cooker is a well known brand of electric pressure cookers. This product line has revolutionized pressure cooking system by adding new dimensions to it. With Cuisinart pressure cooker, you can cook, saute, simmer, brown, and keeps food warm. What more, you also have a choice of high and low pressure, and the number of minutes you want to cook the food at specified pressure and temperature. Such permutations and combinations of pressure and timing are not possible in conventional pressure cookers or even in many electric pressure cookers. Because of such variations, this cookware becomes a comprehensive cooking unit for any household.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker: A Fine Cooker

There are different models of Cuisinart Pressure Cookers, which differ in capacity, and a few features. The most popular amongst these models is the CPC 600, which has a capacity to cook 5.7 liters or 6 Qt. Other options include EPC -1200PC 6 Quart. All Cuisinart Pressure cookers come with three year limited warranty. Depending upon the model, the price of Cuisinart pressure cooker varies anywhere between $100 and $150.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker
Cuisinart pressure cooker is preferable because of some automatic functions such as keep warm function, and automatic pressure correct function. Though the power specification for the heating element in it is 1000 watts, the power supply is shuts off automatically in these cookers, because of the digital thermostat in them. This results in power savings. Externally, the cylindrical part of each pressure cooker is covered with a gleaming brushed stainless steel sheet, which is finger proof, i.e., it will never look shabby. The matte black borders and matte black lids add to the elegance of these products.

There are handles on either side and on the top of the lid. These remain cool, notwithstanding the temperature within the cooker. Each pressure cooker comes with a base and a trivet. The base ensures that the central cooking unit remains evenly affixed in one place. It is the part that connects this pressure cooker to its power source. In addition, there is a cooking pot within the unit, which is a non-stick vessel. The lid is easy to open and remove for washing. The pot being non stick internally as well as externally is rather easy to wash and can be washed in standard dishwashers. Even the trivet can be washed in dishwashers.

Like the conventional pressure cookers, Cuisinart pressure cooker saves on cooking time and fuel consumption. However, savings from this type of pressure cooker is almost 70 percent because it allows people to cook different types of food, for which conventional pressure cookers could not have been used. It is possible to cook cheese cakes, soups, custards, etc., also with Cuisine pressure cookers. In fact, such cookers come with a cookery book that gives instructions on timer settings for different preparations. Because of such versatility of Cuisinart Pressure cookers, the nutrition value of more variety of preparations remains intact, and flavors are also better because they remain trapped within.

A Drawback In Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Functionality

A significant drawback in conventional pressure cookers is their pressure security system. Therefore, it is necessary to be watchful while cooking in those cookers. This drawback has been taken care of in Cuisinart Pressure Cookers. The safety features in these electric cooker start with their lids. It is not possible to cook in any Cuisinart pressure cooker without locking its lid firmly. Likewise, the lid opens only after the pressure has returned to the normal pressure levels.


You can, however, choose to let the pressure return to normal levels, or opt to release it from its valve. This valve is called the pressure limit valve. Though the lid needs to be firmly locked with the pot, it adjusts automatically during cooking, to release temperature as well as pressure when they reach the specified peak. Any excess pressure that gets built within it is prompt for letting out from the pressure limit valve, without any manual intervention.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Review

The design of the lid ensures that no food particles are able to block the valve that releases the pressure. In conventional pressure cookers, this problem is virtually unavoidable. The pressure within the cooking pot of cooker is maintained with the help of an electronic system. Therefore, it is more precise and even when compared to the level of pressure in conventional pressure cookers. There is 99 minutes digital display in pressure cooker that will show you the pressure time selected, and once you press start, the timer will steadily countdown. The buttons for controlling the options such as simmer, saute, time, start, etc., are push buttons.


Plus points –
• Stylish looks
• Versatility in cooking varieties and functions
• Automatic prevention of excess built up of pressure and temperature
• Electronic monitoring of functions
• Ease of operation and washing
• Saves more cooking time and power bills
• Safer than conventional pressure cookers
• More nutritious and tasty food

Downside of Cuisinart pressure cooker
• Dependence on the power supply
• Not possible to have a glimpse of the food inside while it is being cooked unless pressure is manually released
Bottom Line
In spite of few of its shortcoming, this pressure cooker is a desirable appliance because it gives you the high performance at an affordable price range.

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