Best Of Cuisinart Food Processors

There is a large product line of Cuisinart food processor to choose from, as well. These products are designed for differing needs of the buyers. For instance, you could opt for the comprehensive heavy-duty Cuisinart Elite Collection 14 cups, which also has 4 and a half cup and 11 cup bowls for processing smaller quantities of food. Alternately you may settle for Cuisinart DLC 10S Proclassic 7 cup , which has only one bowl. Other models of Cuisinart processors include Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus which is the ideal product for somebody looking for something in between the 7 cup and 14 cup model.

cuisinart food processor review

The 14 cup Cuisinart processor comes with a 1000 watt motor, and the Cuisinart 9 cup is the most sort after in the market. However, the speed, machine design, and the sharpness of blades ensure that your Cuisinart food food processor machine remains energy efficient. There is a selection of blades as well, which are compatible across different Cuisinart Processors. Some of the uncommonly used blades are also available as accessories.

Why Choose Cuisinart Food Processor?

Now you would wonder why only Cuisinart food processor? It is because Cuisinart has technical and designing advantages over most of the other brands in the US market. The product was launched in 1973 by the Sontheimers,and it was one of the first of its kind in the US around that time. Latest technologies are incorporated to ensure that Cuisinart processors have all modern features. For example, the work bowls in Cuisinart are made from Lexan Polycarbonate Thermoplastic, which makes them almost unbreakable. Well designed pour spouts on such bowls make them drip free.

In addition, there are calibrations on the side of these bowls for easier measurements of the contents. The lid too is designed in such a way that the content in the work bowl does not flow out when the grinding process is on. Feed tubes in most of the Cuisinart models have larger openings, making it easier to put larger pieces of vegetables or fruits for making juices. However, in most food processors, this is a major problem, forcing the user to cut the fruit first or vegetable into smaller pieces as otherwise these pieces get caught in the feed tube and time is lost while removing them.

Cleaning of narrow feed tubes is also difficult. In fact, cleaning is often a dreaded job in almost all kitchens. So manufacturers of Cuisinart version have ensured that most of the parts of this machine which need regular cleaning can be washed in regular dishwashers.

Another flaw that is common in most processors is leakage around the blade attachment. Cuisinart models do not have this problem because of a unique seal tight arrangement between the work bowl and the blade attachment provision. An electronic control panel with a modern touch pad systems makes operation easier. The four options on these panels include pulse and dough apart from the regular off and on.

The machine in Cuisinart does not vibrate while making dough or mincing meat unlike most of the other processors. Reliability of Cuisinart food making machine has made it one of the most popular in the US, and many other countries as well. The manufacturer offers 10 years warranty on the motor of these appliances. In addition, there is a limited warranty of 3 years for other parts. Most of these food apparatus are available along with accessories for $100 to $150 or so.


The pros of Cuisinart models include-
• Stylish appearance
• Easy locking and unlocking system for the bowls with motor
• Versatile application
• Noise free functioning
• Low power consumption
• Ease of using and cleaning
• Availability of accessories
• Sturdiness
• No drip design of bowls
• No leakages
• Long term warranty on motor

Cuisinart Food Processor


The cons of these models are:
• Weight of some models makes it necessary to find a permanent place for them in the kitchen
• Dimensions may make Cuisinart version necessary to visualize the food processor’s position in the kitchen
• Prices of some models of Cuisinart processor are marginally higher when compared to similar products in the market
• The additional gasket provided to prevent leakages is difficult to clean because it can’t be removed easily.

So, what can the Cuisinart processor do for you? For starters, it can knead dough, chop or shred vegetables, mince meat, mix food stuff, whip up batter, grind soaked lentils or grains, grind dry condiments and bread crumbs, blend milkshakes, and even give you some juices within few seconds.

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