Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Review

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor is a perfect kitchen help for preparing food. It is an ideal kitchen aid in the food preparation process from chopping onions to grinding cheese finely. Increasing number of people are building their faith on the product and not just its quality but in terms of aesthetics you can call it the perfect ornament to adorn your kitchen.

What will you Get in Breville Sous Chef Food Processor?

With the very first look at the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor, you will know that it is a piece of art! It is stylish and elegant, and the silver-coal color combination gives it stunning looks. The metallic base adds to its durability. Running on a 1200-watt motor it is a sturdy machine, capable of doing all the household work conveniently and fast. The magnetic internals ensure that there are less moving parts in the device and; therefore, have lesser wear and tear. Seems that the makers of Breville Sous Chef Food Processors are extremely confident of their product and hence they have attached a 25-year warranty to it.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor connotes user-friendliness it is child’s play to operate it! There are three controls primarily, one for Power, other for pause and start and the third for pulse. The feature of LCD screen allows one to adjust the timer, and this is specifically handy when you are trying something new and need to keep track of cooking time.

The convenience of use is even enhanced with the 5.5 inch wide feed chute that decreases preparation time as well as provides large French fries. You will get all the features that you can expect, from the other machines in the market like the BPA-free bowls, calibration in the bowl and two bowls, one large and one small, to serve different purposes.

In case of food processors, all of us look into the motor and features, but maintenance is something that you definitely cannot ignore. The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor is no-doubt extremely functional and very easy to maintain also. The lid seal has no crooked crevasses that make cleaning a challenge. Most parts of the food processor are dishwasher safe. However it is recommended that the blades and the discs be washed in clean, running water and not put into a dishwasher.

We used the stainless-steel version of this product, but it is also available in red and black.  This food processor has the highest performance of every machine we have tried at 1,200 watts. 

There are two options for bowls and while one holds up to sixteen cups, the other is a two and a half cup mini processing bowl.  It also has a set of eight discs and blades that have their own storage area.  One disc can be used to slice an item in one of twenty-four different thicknesses.  The other discs can be used to julienne, cut French fries, whisk, and shred.  The blades that are included are a universal S blade, dough blade, and a mini blade. 

The silicone seal reduces the chances that the bowl will leak and the wide feed chute allows you to place larger items in without cutting them into smaller pieces.  A large and small food pusher helps push the food into the processor and the small food pusher can also be used as a measuring cup.  A nice feature on this food processor is the LCD display with a count up and count down timer.  If you set the time, the processor will automatically stop when that time has been reached. 

This food processor also has a few nice safety features.  The feed chute safety system will prevent the motor from operating if the bowl, lid, or large food pusher are not in the proper place and locked.  The motor also has a safety braking system, so it cannot get overheated.  The non-skid rubber feet will ensure that this food processor will not walk across the counter as you are trying to use it. 

We loved making homemade French fries and sweet potato fries using the French fry disc.  It was much easier than cutting the potatoes into even pieces by hand.  Next, we want to try to julienne some potatoes next for hash browns and cheesy julienned potatoes.  We think that the results will be fantastic. 

With so many features, it is surprising that this food processor is not larger than it is.

Specifications of Breville Sous Food Processor

• 1200-watt sturdy induction motor
• 5.5inch feed chute and Dough blade, micro serrated S blade, Mini Blade.
• Five discs- adjustable slicing disc, Julienne disc, whisk disc, Shredding and Grating Disc, Emulsifying Disc.
• Safety Interlocking system, nonslip feet feature and overload protection for safe operation.
• Unless all the parts are correctly locked, the machine will not work.
• Retractable cord helps to run the machine even if it is away from the source of power.
• BPA free bowls with capacity of 16 cups for the larger one and 2.5 cups for the smaller one.
• LCD screen for easy calibration of time.
• Includes accessory box to store all the parts when, not in use.
• One year limited warranty on machine, 25-year warranty on the motor.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Review
The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor is a very robust machine and the versatility is its main quality. You can shred, make dough, slice, chop, and do many other daily chores easily with it. The large measuring cup ensures convenience when you have to deal with a large amount of ingredient. Added to this is the silicone seal that does not let anything leak out of the jar.

People have been extremely satisfied with the chopping capabilities of Breville food processor and with the unique safety features they can ideally rely on it also. Added to this is the availability of a comprehensive range of accessories that extend the versatility of the product even further. When not in use you may store it away in the storeroom, inside the storage box that comes along with it.


Since the product runs on a very powerful motor, it sometimes is not able to give desired results making dough. The machine is somewhat heavy for being frequently portable. Added to this is the fact that the manufacturer advises not to grate cheese in the Breville Sous Chef food processor.

Final Thoughts

If we take a first look at the device, it will immediately impress you. The stunning looks complete matching any retro aesthetics. It offers impeccable service also. You can make Zucchini wedges or Carrot curls with the precise dimensions. The wide feed tube to decreases the initial preparation because you do not need to precuts. There is also the feature of small food pusher that is excellent when you are working with smaller quantity of ingredients.

Want to try some new recipes? This are what you need- the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor that can solve all of your cutting, chopping and shredding needs.

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor is a very versatile and functional product. Once an investment in this product, can last you a lifetime.

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