Blendtec Total Blender for your Kitchen

In the market where each new day is seeing a new blender, it is impossible to know which product is the best! Some appliances might hold great promises of functionality but fail in terms of aesthetics; others will look excellent but do not have the right accessories and a powerful motor. One of the food chopping machines that has both of these features is blendtec total blender.

Blendtec Total Blender-Why you Must Own it?

There is one product that contains all the features that one may be looking for in blender- the Blendtec Total Blender. It is a commercial quality machine that runs on a powerful 1560 watt with 3 Horse Power direct drives motor. The motor is supplied with the carbon-steel ball bearings that decreases friction and increases the life of the motor. These bearings also have another utility-they make the motor extremely quiet. Added to this feature are the brushes made from hardened carbon, which make the motor, run on for years to come. It is unmatched in versatility too!

blendtec total blender review

It can produce excellent smoothies-whether it is the green smoothie or the one with ice cubes in it. It can ideally handle, nuts, chunks of big fruits and turn them into a creamy consistency. Similarly, you make juices, nut milks, soups, dressings, flavored yogurt, sauces for your pasta, marinades, butters, salsas, dips and many more. You can even grind grains and make your own baby food at home. Just name it and you can do it on this Blendtec wonder!

In today’s compact kitchen, there is little scope for the luxury of space and adding extra appliances to the kitchen counter not only decreases the space but also destroys the look. So just keep the blender and get rid of all the others because this commercial grade blender can work instead of all the mixers and other food prep machnes. Even though it is such a complicated device, yet it is extremely simple to operate. Just imagine- which other blender gives you pre-programmed blend cycles or one button operation or a smoothie- the answer is no-one in the market!

Distinguishing Features of Blendtec Total Blender


All features in the Blendtec Total Blender are made for utmost convenience of use. From the convenient buttons to the ease of cleaning, it is extremely user friendly. Just sit back and see how this sturdy machine works- you will be amazed to notice how fast the blades rotate and how silent is the machine still!
Here are the amazing features of the device in a nutshell:

All -in- one Blade
All in one blade in the Blendtec Total Blender increases the efficiency of the machine manifold. The vertical wingtips, the patenting design of Blendtec are engineered for utmost efficiency. In fact, each and every part of the machine; however, small has been skillfully added to make it an extremely functional machine that is not only potent but also safe.

Twister Lids
Take, for example, the twister lid- as the ingredients tend to stick to the sides of the jar, just rotate the lid to put them back to the center. You can try all kinds of consistencies in it- thick, thicker and thicker- and still blend ideally with satisfaction.

Easy-Reading BPA Free Jar
The spacious plastic jar has a volume of two-quarts and is coupled with a fitting lid. The jar is modeled such that the food that get scattered when the blade is operational will be pushed down towards the center of the jar consistently ensuring that the mixing is even. The blender jar is lightweight, BPA free and is calibrated for reading the units easily. If you want a bigger jar, there is an option for a three quart jar also.

blendtec total blender

One-Touch Perfection
One button operation comes extremely handy when you are trying new recipes! These buttons have options like Ice cream/Frozen yogurt, Ice crush/milkshakes, soups/syrups/fondues, sauces/dips/batters/dressings, whole juice and smoothie. So when you do not remember the speed and the time, just let the Blendtec Total Blender do its job. Added to these there are manual buttons to control ten speed levels. Just below the buttons there is an LCD screen that notes time and number of blends.

Amazing Warranty
Regarding the warranty it needs to be mentioned that there is a lifetime warranty on the blades, three years warranty on the base and one year warranty on the blender jar.

Pros and Cons
With multiple blend cycles, the Blendtec Total Blender is a sturdy machine that is multi-tasking and reliable. Running on 1560 watts it weighs seven pounds only and this makes it portable. The sleek design added to this makes it extremely sought after; it has looks that can match retro looking to contemporary looking kitchen! The Blendtec Total Blender is made from solid state electronics, and it is seen that this works better than the vacuum based devices.

One of the disadvantages of Blendtec Total Blender is the fact that some people find the price-$399.99- a little exorbitant in comparison to other less pricey blenders available in the . Moreover, its manual does not describe the functioning of the appliance properly. Some users have found that the touch control options are somewhat confusing, and the motor is a bit faster not suitable for chopping purposes.

Final Thoughts
The final thought is that even though this machine is costly, it is recommended because it gives you amazing blending experience and is a true value for money.

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