Best Immersion and Hand Blender Reviews

Immersion blenders are considerably more convenient for smaller jobs in the kitchen when compared to the larger and heavier blenders or mixers, grinders, and food processors. This is because these blenders are lightweight, hand-held appliances that can often be detached from the primary appliance and used independently. There are standalone varieties as well which do not form part of any food processor. In general, though, many food processors nowadays include such hand held blenders.

Most Reliable Blender for Kitchen

The Immersion Blender can be used for several jobs in the kitchen starting from whipping eggs, making purees, chopping, whisking, crushing fruits, and blending to making smoothies. These blenders are also ideal appliances to prepare any batter for small cakes. Cleaning and storing these type blenders are also easy. This is the reason they have now become an essential appliance in any kitchen.

Immersion Blender
These blenders are comfortable to hold because they have a long shaft provided with necessary molding and usually plastic sheath or cover on the motor for easy gripping. Many of these blenders come with different attachments to chop vegetables, fruits, whisk an egg or other mixes. Many immersion blenders also come with varying speeds. These blenders can be used with DC motors and AC cords. The fact that immersion blenders are so handy and portable, adds to their usefulness. The DC motors in these blenders are usually quiet and many of these blenders come with beakers or small jars with measurements on them, which can be used for blending, mixing, pureeing, etc. These cups, attachments, or jars come with lids and are usually made from plastics that are BPA-free.

Immersion Blender Review
Such blenders are ideally suited for making one or two cups of soups or juices. Washing an immersion blender is much easier than conventional blenders. All that is needed to do is run the blades or attachment in any soapy water for a few seconds and then in clean water for a few seconds. Many parts of immersion blenders are also dishwasher safe.
It is generally thought that these blenders are only useful for small quantities of blending. But this is a misconception because many chefs use it for blending larger amounts of batter, and juices, for which the capacity of the food processor’s jar or bowl may not be sufficient. For example, if essence is to be added to a mix that is slightly more in quantity than what the bowl of the food processor can hold, then this type of blender is perfect for the job. But the fact remains that immersion blenders are only suitable for smaller jobs. They cannot be used for long, even if they are connected to AC power.

Hand Held Blender
Usually, the problem with immersion blenders is that they do not go deep enough into the selected glass, cup, or pitcher. Normally, the blending arm or shaft provided in these blenders is only 8 inches long. But there are immersion blenders that do have more extended blending arms.

The disadvantage of shorter shafts is that if the food that needs to be blended, mixed, or pureed, is more or the vessel or bowl in which such food is placed has greater depth, then, blending job will not be perfect. Moreover, there will remain some of the food that still needs to be processed at the bottom of such deep vessel, bowl, pitcher, and cup.
Another limitation of any immersion blender is that it is not usually powerful enough to create enough movement of food in a container and may be only able to process a limited amount of food at a time. Similarly, there can be a problem in preparing something in shallow vessels. These blenders also require a minimum level of food for processing as otherwise they may not be able to do the job as needed.
For example, more motor power is required for crushing ice cubes or fruits that are frozen. So, not all immersion blenders have motors that are powerful. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure about the purpose for which the immersion blender will be used, before going to purchase any such kitchen appliance.

15 Best Immersion Blenders

Here is a list of the best immersion blenders that I feel are worth buying. I have tried a few of them and watched demonstrations of other hand blenders at a showroom last week. This should give you an idea about the features available in any immersion blender, and what to watch out for when going to buy one.
This should also give you an idea about the approximate price of the immersion blender with a given set of specifications.

1.  Cuisinart Conair CSB–75BC Smart Stick Blender

This 200 watts hand blender is actually an immersion blender which can be used in pots, bowls, and pitchers because of its blending shaft. Though blending is possible at two speeds in this blender. The blending job is just one touch job. The shaft is detachable so it can be cleaned easily. The body houses the motor and the attachment with a blade on it can easily be snapped into it.
To prevent splashing from the stainless steel blades, there is steel housing surrounding the blades externally, which also guards the blade. The beaker that comes with this blender is useful for blending 2 cups full of liquid. It is possible to make sauces, purees, soups, dips, drinks, dressings, crepe batters, pancake mixes and emulsifying mayonnaise with this stick blender.
Both the beaker as well as shaft can be washed in the dishwasher. The product is available for approximately $35 as of now. The problem with this blender could be smaller quantities than it is designed for.

Cuisinart Conair Smart Stick Immersion Blender

2.  Cuisinart Smart Stick HB-155PC Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

This stick stainless steel blender is easy to clean and easy to operate. The stainless steel body makes this immersion blender a tad heavier than those made from plastic. The measuring beaker that is provided with these immersion blenders can hold 16 oz. It is BPA free as well. A 200W motor is integrated into this blender.
There is a knob on the top of the blender for changing its speed to low from high, or vice versa. It can blend, whisk, mash potatoes, whip cream, and do many things with it. As of now, this blender is available for approximately $45 on the market.

Cuisinart Smart Stick HB 155PC Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

3.  Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-79  Hand Stick Blender with 2 Speeds, and 200-watt Motor

This model of immersion blender from Cuisinart comes with an attachment for blending as well as whisking, which is separate from an attachment for chopping vegetables. In addition, there is an extra bowl apart from the beaker. There is one touch operation, with two speed variations – low and high. But it includes pulse variation.
The product can do all things that immersion blenders can do, such as blending, mixing, chopping, mashing potatoes, whisking, pureeing, and whipping. But is not good enough for crushing ice. Another unique feature in this immersion blender is that its blades can be used on both sides. The shaft is washable as well, and the appliance is made of stainless steel.
The beaker and chopping bowls are made from plastic that is BPA free. The stainless steel at the end of the removable shaft also has a cover that prevents blades from being damaged, and whatever is being processed from splashing. As of the date, this immersion blender is available for approximately $54. The drawbacks of this smart stick blender are its locking system. Moreover, whisk attachments, as well as chopper attachments, are not perfect as yet.

Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB 79 2 Speed hand Immersion Blender

4. Breville Control Grip BSB510XL Immersion Blender

This blender has a 280 watts motor and is equipped with blades capable of crushing ice. This Breville hand grip blender is capable of all other functions that any other immersion blender is capable of. Effectively, it is a full immersion blender. It includes chopping bowl, in which vegetables can be cut, apart from the beaker. The unique feature is in the blades.
The bladed have additional internal ribs which increase the efficacy of this hand held blender. This blender can blend food till a depth of 8 inches. The operation is through the gripping part which includes trigger like system for operating the hand grip blender. A non-scratching base at the end shaft ensures that no vessels develop any scratches because of this blender.
As of now, almost all Breville’s Control Grip Immersion blenders are available for approximately $100. The only two drawbacks of this product are the fact that it has plastic parts which don’t inspire much confidence and the fact that it is rather expensive. It is also a bit voluminous.

Breville Control Grip BSB510XL Immersion Blender

5. KitchenAid Onyx Proline Immersion Blender

This sugar pearl (silver) colored cordless hand blender is an 110v device. You can crush ice with it, and do all the things that any hand held blender can do. This immersion blender comes with 3 different blades, apart from whisk attachment. In all, this immersion blender is capable of five different speeds.
Basically, this immersion blender is more convenient because it is portable. KitchenAid Proline includes a 12V Li-ion battery. The retail price for this blender is around $240.

KitchenAid Proline Hand Immersion Blender Review

6. KitchenAid KHB2351 CU 3 Speed Hand Blender

Like most hand held blenders, this immersion blender also comes with a whisking attachment and an 8-inch long blending arm which snaps into place in the part that has the motor. Gripping is easier. There are three-speed variants in this, one variant has 2 speeds, another 3 speeds, and the last one is 5 speeds variant. The 5 speeds variant also has another longer blending arm which is 13 inches long.
The chopping bowl or attachment is made from highly durable BPA-free plastic, and comes with a lid. Even the beaker or measuring jar comes with a lid. The blender’s body is made from polycarbonate even though it is silver colored. There is bell shaped blade assembly which can be interchanged. The immersion blender operates on a 216 watts. It comes with a cord of 5 ft for easily doing the work, even when the charge is over.
As of now, this Kitchenaid blender is available for less than $60. The only problem I felt was that the locking mechanism needs to be perfected.

KitchenAid KHB2351 CU 3 Speed Hand Immersion Blender

7. Proctor-Silex 59738 Hand Blender

This is a much simpler hand held blender among the ones that we have reviewed so far, but impressive nevertheless. It is not silver or chrome colored, nor is it made from stainless steel. It is 150 watts blender. The only stainless steel part of its body is its blade.
The drawback is that the blade can’t be removed cleaning, therefore, can only be manual. This immersion blender cannot be used to crush ice or blend any frozen fruits. It obviously can do other things such as make sauces, drinks, healthy shakes, and soups. Though the blender is ergonomically designed, it is a bit heavy for limited functions. Nevertheless, I was impressed by the work done by blender considering that it costs less than $16.

Proctor Silex 59738 Immersion Hand Blender

8. KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5 Speed Hand Blender

This hand blender is a five-speed blender. Unlike most other immersion blenders, this blender has three different types of bell-shaped blades which can be interchanged. One of the blades is for kneading dough, whereas the other blade is for frothing and beating. The body of the hand blender is, however, also made from polycarbonate.
This immersion blender includes attachments for chopping and whisking. Crushing ice in this 216-watt blender is possible. Therefore, it is also useful for blending frozen fruits. I was able to appreciate that this blender does not make much noise. I also liked the fact that it can be used for kneading the dough, which is not what many hand blenders offer, and which is actually a regular task. However, this hand blender is one of the most expensive immersion blenders. It costs almost $186.

KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5 Speed Hand Blender

9. Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Hand Blender

This is one of the few portable immersion blenders in the list. The downside is it can run only 20 minutes or so on a single charge and needs to be recharged after that. The other problem with this blender is that it cannot be used for crushing ice or frozen fruit. However, it does have a removable stainless steel shaft, which can be cleaned easily.

Cuisinart CSB 78-Smart Stick Hand Blender

10. All-Clad’s KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

This is another chord free immersion blender. This is one of the most impressive immersion blenders to look at. Thanks to its slim stainless steel body. Detaching the shaft in this hand held blender is easy and this can be washed easily too. Speed controls can be varied on this blender. There is a turbo button as well as a power button for pulse blending, grinding, etc. There is a cord of course, for charging it. This is a powerful blender because it is a 600-watt powered blender.

All Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

11. Oster FPSTHB2615B Immersion Blender

This 250 Watts hand blender is one of the most powerful immersion blenders because of its 250 watts motor. Its blending rod can be detached easily for cleaning and storing. The blade in this hand blender is made from stainless steel and is very durable. It is an S-shaped blade. A beaker with lid is provided along with this hand blender.

Oster FPSTHB2615B 2 Speed Immersion Blender

12. Miallegro 9090S Mitutto Professional Style Immersion Hand Blender

The word that comes to mind when looking at this hand blender is “sleek”. But, that plastic body hides behind it a powerful motor. This immersion blender has a motor that is 550w. Another difference between this blender and other hand blenders is that it does not have bell-shaped blade assembly. Instead, that part is almost conically shaped.

Miallegro 9090S MiTutto Professional Style Immersion Hand Blender

13. Elite Americana EHB 1000R Maximatic Hand Blender

The first thing that strikes me about this immersion blender is its gripping comfort. Most immersion blenders have a narrow gripping part. For 150 watts motor, this blender can do many chores in the kitchen. Its base is also not likely to cause scratches to the bowl, pot, pitcher, or vessel in which it is operated thanks to the plastic body including the bell-shaped part with the blade in it. The drawback is that it needs to be manually cleaned.

Elite Americana EHB 1000R Maximatic Hand Blender

14. Hamilton Beach 59765 Speed Hand Blender

This is another elegantly designed immersion blender with steel blending arm that can be detached from the motor unit for cleaning. This blending arm ends in a bell-shaped end which prevents splashing. For chopping, there is another attachment. The design and finish are impressive though the immersion blender does a good job of blending, chopping, and pureeing.
This blender has 225 watts motor because of which, crushing small cubes of ice and frozen fruit cubes are possible with it. It comes with whisking attachment. It costs less than $20 and is, therefore, a steal. The drawback is that it is a bit noisy. Moreover, attachments are not so easy to attach or detach. The bigger motor also makes the blender heavier actually defeating the purpose of such hand blenders.

Hamilton Beach 59765 2 Speed Hand Blender

15. Vremi Slim Hand Blender

This is a very elegantly designed immersion blender. Like many other hand blenders, it can do several jobs such as blending, mixing, shredding, and chopping. This appliance, however, can crush ice as well. Therefore, it can also be used with frozen fruits. It comes with whisking attachment, and the blade in this hand blender is surrounded by a cap like a fabrication.
The arm for blending is made from steel and it can easily be removed for washing in the dishwasher. The power cord provided with this blender, however, is not long enough. Several parts of this blender are made of plastic as well. These too are not highly durable. This hand blender is available for approximately $70.

Vremi Slim Hand Blender

Conclusion for Immersion Blender Reviews

While most immersion blenders cannot be used for crushing frozen fruits, ice or even making bread into bread crumbs. However, such features may not always be needed. Nevertheless, instructions need to be read before using these blenders. Warranties also need to be verified. Some immersion blenders come with three years warranty whereas other immersion blenders come with just one year or six months warranty.
Buying an immersion blender that is from a reputed company is always better than buying from a relatively unknown company. Cheaper products can be useful for any camping or outing as they can be used even with car batteries. However, it is necessary to confirm whether the power connection is appropriate for the country where the product is to be used and whether the blender can be used with automobile battery. Most of the products listed above are developed for North American electrical standards, and may, therefore, require adapters.

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