Black & Decker Food Processor Review

Black & Decker is a household name among not just food processors but also other household kitchen appliances. Founded in 1910 it has been ruling the kitchen appliance and power tools market for quite some time now; The company has recently joined hands with Stanley works. Nevertheless, its food processor gives all that a traditional food processor can offer with added features of safety and power. There are various models sufficing the various needs and some of them have been mentioned below.

 Top Six Models of Black & Decker Food Processor:

black & decker food processor

1)  Black & Decker Food Processor 1600B

The  FP1600B run on a robust 450 watt motor. It can ideally chop, dice, mince, slice and mix all the different kinds of ingredients. The bowl capacity is 8 cups, and it is good enough for large families. Remarkable is its chopping capabilities- the reversible blade allows vegetables to be chopped as fine as desired. Apart from this there is on/off and pulse button to choose different kinds of motions. Not just the excellent functionality of the motor it has been applauded for its ease in cleaning too! Most parts of the machine can be washed in the dishwasher. It has been reasonably priced around $50.

2) Black & Decker Food Processor 1800B

FP1800B model is yet another machine that slightly varies from the previous. It has the same powerful motor and an equal volume of the jar. But it is a little less versatile than the previous catering to needs that are simpler-like grating the cheese, chopping the vegetables or making puree of tomatoes. Yet it is a sturdy machine, sleek to look at, true to the genre of Black & Decker Food Processor. It is priced a little lower, around $40.

3) Black & Decker Food Processor 2500 PowerPro Wide-Mouth

FP2500 PowerPro wide-Mouth has a more powerful motor. The motor is so powerful that there is suction technique used to keep the $69.99 machine in place! The motor is high tech to the extent of being fierce and with tons of torque running inside at the same time in the jar; it can chop down entire cucumbers, make purees of entire tomatoes or apples and grate entire blocks of cheese in a matter of minutes. The wide mouth feed chute decreases the prep time and makes the machine even more favorable.

4) Black & Decker Food Processor 2500B PowerPro Wide- Mouth

The FP2500B PowerPro wide mouth is just varying from the FP2500 product by soft Mylar buttons that enhance the feel-good factor. Priced just like the above its features are similar to the FP2500, and it is equally versatile.

5) Black & Decker Food Processor 2620S

This product has an even more powerful machine running on 600 watts, and it has a bowl with capacity of 10 cups- large indeed, and good to suffice big families and get-togethers. For smaller needs, there is yet another 6-cup blender jar. The food chute is provided with a pusher so that your ingredients can be pushed more towards the jar. This product also has a suction foot that holds the powerful machine in place when it is it operational. And lastly it has a smooth working control panel that offers great convenience of use.

6) Black & Decker Food Processor 1700B

FP1700B model comes next in line and is the cheapest among the few that I have named. It is priced meagerly at $30, and it is meant for those people who want a no-nonsense machine that is priced low. It is a very handy and portable device that gives you the same kinds of versatility like slicing, chopping, grating shredding and making puree. Running on a 450 watt machine the transparent jar lets you see the entire process in action in minimal sound! The touch pad controls are very convenient too, and this model too is true to the Black and Decker motto of power packed machine in an outstanding look!

black & decker food processor Review

Pros and Cons

The pros associated with this food processor is myriad. To name a few, all the machines have safety interlock system so that accidents are negated. Some of the devices are so powerful that it requires suction feet to keep it in place. Each and every Black and Decker Food Processor comes with cord storage facility, and when not it use the cord may be neatly wrapped.

All blades of the machines and discs are made from durable stainless steel ensuring that the sharpness of the blades remains intact for years to come. Most food processors are unable to live up to the users expectations when it comes to dough making, but it is not so with the Black and Decker Food Processor.

The cons included are a little noisiness, and it can’t hold a block of mozzarella cheese properly. Some users found it a bit inconvenient using the same button for pulse and off functions.

The Verdict

The motor in all the Black & Decker food processor machines are extremely robust and potent. The stunning looks of Black and Decker Food Processor match the kitchen decor and when considered against the fact that it is easily maintained it can be easily deemed as one of the best food processors in the market!

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