About Jenny:

Top Food Processor Reviews & Ratings AuthorThank you for visit my site. Your presence is much appreciated. I 100% sure that you came to this page to know more about me, or find out the person behind this blog site. Well, I was born and raised  in Columbus, Ohio, but now resides in El Paso, Texas. I am married with two kids- the true ‘apples’ of my eyes. Oh, they are both boys – yes- lots of troubles at times. Still love them till death.

Anyway, I started this blog with the aim of helping people who are still searching for information before they buy food processing machines such as the Cuisnart food processor, Kitchenaid food processor or, even bbq griddlers or smokers.

I have used and continue to use both Cuisinart and Kitchenaid food processors, and just started using their griddlers this past summer when one of my boys wanted to have a get-together for his baseball team.

So, I will not consider myself and ‘expert’ but I can surely give advise based on my experience and what i researched about these products. Feel free to drop me questions when you can.

Again, thanks for visiting my blog.