Food Processor Appliances Review

Last Updated on August 19, 2015 // Written by Jenny

You probably know what a food prep machine is, and it is definitely more than the mixer and grinder that your mother or grandmother used. You also understand that the additional features that are now added to that humble machine include kneading, whipping, mincing, chopping, slicing, blending, etc. However, you still need to know whether there are some features that are unique to any of the food making machines out there, and which you require for your regular cooking. This is especially true if you never owned one, or your old processor that did not have many features of today’s cookware has been given way.

Perhaps, you might be considering getting a new food processing machine, but wouldn’t know where to start. After all, there are so many of them out there; some catch your attention because of brand name while others look attractive enough because of the price and yet others seem good because of cleaning convenience, or characteristics. But before you go spend your hard earned money on something that doesn’t give you everything that you want, you might want to read something about the top ones and best sellers in the market.


What do these reviews offer?

Usually, the best food processor reviews are the experiences of people with that particular product. It may be customers expressing their delight, or disgruntled customers venting their frustration. Both types of information are what made good reviews because they shed some light on quality as well as features of the product. In addition, there may be professional reviews as well, like those on cooking websites, and cooking illustrated magazines.

It may be confusing to make a purchase based on diverse opinions. But it must not be because, at times, the customer who is unhappy with the machine may only not have outgrown his or her previous processor and may be doing something out of habit. Instead of following instructions, because of which, he or she is bound to be dissatisfied with the new product.

In any event, it would be wise to consult friends, relatives, and other acquaintances before dismissing such negative  reviews as something irrelevant. Professional food processor reviews enable people to identify the desirable features in any processor. Since these often assess a product in comparison with other products, they also indicate whether the product is expensive or not.
Where do you find best  reviews?

The best  reviews are usually available on the websites of online marketing businesses, such as Amazon, and eBay. Even, Huffington Post did a piece on food processor recipes and CNN on top food processor review. However, Amazon and eBay offer these opinions under a product. It is not the same thing as looking exclusively at a processor and reading relevant reviews before deciding.

Sites such as Amazon do try to list comparable products, and also other models, but such lists are not complete. This is the reason many people who wish to buy any kitchen appliances turn towards particular buyer’s guide, like Food Buyer’s Guide. This guide provides a comprehensive list of the products available in the market, along with their features, and prices. In addition, one can find ratings for each food making machine listed on such Guide.

Top Food Processors

It is not easy for me to come up with the top reviews. However, I narrowed it down to just two brands at the start, but now we have expanded on the brands we will review. This is because they are the most versatile and powerful, and their processing go smooth in the kitchen. Those that will be compared and reviewed are Kitchenaid  and Cuisinart because of their capacity.

However, if time permits, and all things are fine, I might dabble into Breville, Braun, Ninja, Oster, and Hamilton, Ninja and Black and Decker. These eight are the top and the most sought after best food makers brands in the kitchen tools market.

I am  tempted to include Blendtec blender in these reviews of the most used and highly rated food processing appliances because I believe it is a master prep and a very good food chopper. Also, speaking to my friends, they argued that electric smokers and grills are food processors in their own right. This is something that I am not really sure about – though gills are for making food, not prepping. So, my mind is not completely made on this argument. My writing about smokers grill or barbecue will depend on what I will find out when I do research this subject, and my willingness to undertake such journey.

Conclusion for these food processors review:

Cooking is an unavoidable time consuming routine of each day. You obviously do not want to leave your family members at the mercy of unhealthy fast foods. Moreover, family members, especially children, should have healthy food on their plates. These processors come to your rescue by reducing the number of hours you end up spending in the kitchen and giving you that much needed respite.