nutri ninja iq compact system

Nutri Ninja Blender Reviews

Last Updated On: 26th June, 2016we.The market is awash with blenders of every type, make and price. Making the correct choice of which blender to buy from this multitude can be overwhelming. This need not be the case. If you get credible and reliable information that guides you to what is arguably the best choice of blenders you can get. A good blender does not need to have jaw-dropping prices. But rather have fantastic capabilities that make your blending experience fun and easy. While at the same time delivering the ultimate juices, chops and smoothies. After some comprehensive research that…
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Robot Coupe R101 Review

Robot Coupe Review

Last Updated On: 24th June, 2016If you are an ardent cooking person, you know heard how important and solid a robot coupe food processor is, and how difficult it is to find one that brings out the best from your culinary efforts. Even if you get satisfactory results, other drawbacks will make you reject the food processor. Some of the food processors are noisy, others consume a lot of power. Yet others don’t last or don’t do the job as you need, and some do not give you any choice in food processing. That is why I like Robot Coupe!…
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top food processor reviews

Best Food Processors

Last Updated On: 21st June, 2016Most people probably know what a food processor machine does in the kitchen. It is definitely more than the food chopper, mixer and grinder that your mother or grandmother used. Our reviews on this site will help you understand that the additional technological advanced features that are now added to that humble machine. These features include kneading, whipping, mincing, chopping, slicing, and blending. These are what makes the new food prep machine different from the olden days ones. Contents1 New Features: 2 What Do Our Food Processor Reviews Offer?3 Where Do You Find the Best…
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Ninja Best Professional Blender BL663

Ninja Professional Blenders

Last Updated On: 14th May, 2016When I first saw Ninja Professional Blender Model BL610, I thought it is just a tall and slim food processor. But there is more to this Professional blender. For starters, unlike immersion blenders, it is a powerhouse because it is a 1000 watts appliance. But it fits in merely at 10.6 inches x 8.2 inches x 15.8 inches room space. Though slightly more space all around would not be such a bad idea since the lid does need to be opened on top. Contents1 1. Features of Ninja Professional Blender Model BL6102 2. Ninja Professional…
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Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Food Processor Blender BL773CO Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender Reviews

Last Updated On: 12th June, 2016Nothing can be as perplexing as reading through several reviews of food processors and getting confused at the end of it. The problem is acute if the money that is to be spent is relatively large. But I dared to read some of a few reviews of Ninja Mega Kitchen system before venturing to buy it. Honestly, I did not compare the food processor with other products in the market, but I am extremely delighted with my Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The first thing that strikes about ninja blender complete kitchen system is the word,…
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